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Suffering Theory and Warning.

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posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 05:33 AM
I knew about suffering before I suffered. But I didn't know. I only had theory.

You need to prepare for suffering. Most of your life should be to prepare for when you have to endure. You should be clothing yourself with immortality.

Society doesn't forwardly teach about how to deal with suffering. Once you start suffering doing anything is about a million times harder and heavier if even possible at all.

Everybody in the entire world is underestimating suffering. It is possible to suffer in hospital and there are so many ways to get there.

I suffered on the extreme level for about 10 years. The pain was max on for that entire period. I had no rest, foxes have hole and birds have nests but I had no place to rest my head it was suffering the whole time.

Suffering is being underestimated. It's basically impossible to communicate suffering in English or any language. Every one experiences there own unique blend.

Surely we are prisoners to this drive. What's it good for?

But i'm telling you, your not prepared. Nobody is. This is doomsday. Everyone has the theory on h-ow to suffer but this doesn't totally prepare you or make you fully ready. This is a communication from the other side. You need to prepare more for suffering.

It may come as a surprise.

This is a trade in suffering. I have done it. These words pass on some of the code that will enable you to endure it easier and heal faster.

I found it almost impossible to pinpoint the location of the pain. I think i've narrowed it down to my neck. I had that xrayed but it came back negative. But now it cracks and pops more than ever and I thought it was bad back then.

I thought the pain was from my nose for a while. In my sinus or something. But now I think that it did originate in my neck at the very top like a slipped disc vertebrae or something.

You will find that most of your thoughts about how to heal are just a fantasy. I don't know how to force healing. Pain doesn't always heal it can still be there for along time.

I think one thing I would do better now after 15 years ago when the experience first started is my diet. I would eat alot more. Basically eat just anything. My diet was very poor in the first few years. I dropped down to 65kg from 90kg when I got sick. But I had no motivation to eat and no knowledge really. Also being poor doesn't help. If I was rich I would've eaten alot more easier.

I had trouble getting pain killers. They wouldn't give me any. They didn't believe I was in pain or that it was very severe at all. I rate my pain as a 10 on the scale of 1to10. They prescribed me panadol.

Make sure you point out the pain, if you are in pain express it. If you can't locate it like I couldn't just give a general area. Don't always rely on your own theories about the pain. My theories were wild and incorrect and I still don't know the truth. Look for the truth I guess. But the human body is so complex.

Doctors don't always know best. They don't/didn't in my case. Oboy did I suffer and have I suffered. Make sure they address the suffering. Use the words suffering and pain. Give it a rating on a scale. Mine was consistent and constant. Tell them it's on all the time.

I am now trading in the suffering that I have experienced via text on this forum. I am calling out from the otherside.

This suffering has to be part of death. We need to fight both suffering and death. Death is like the last enemy.

I have experienced suffering to a maximum level. Nobody is aware of it, you will be on your own. It is difficult to explain. Suffering is being underestimated. The theory needs to be updated. All efforts need to be given. We need to have no rest until suffering is solved.

It oneday could be you who suffers. Everyone seems ok unless it involves their own suffering. We need to care about others suffering. Financially people can help but that's just one way.

There is alot of knowledge that needs to be gained. The truth needs to be learned about the human body.

I would rather come up with an internal cure like a word or thought that heals or regenerates rather than an external cure like a drug.

Drugs have there place but I think knowledge of the human body can set you free. Anatomy and things.

No matter what I thought or what I did there was no relief. I'm not in pain now but i'm left kind of retarded and alzheimered. It's very difficult to learn and remember and think in general now.

The pain was intense at the time.

Post your verbal text trade in this thread.

I have endured great suffering and still live. I must of formed some survival techniques or something good must come from all the suffering.

I'm here to trade the good so you won't be deceived like I was. There might not be any good.

I want to profit from my suffering if I can. I use the word trade.

My life has consisted of utter suffering. I must of done a hell of alot of work and been perfected and purified in more than a few ways for the 10 years that I suffered in the extreme. I'm here to trade this work and perfections. I have been lifting HUGH weights. I'm Buff.

Not literally buff and the hugh weights was the suffering but you get the idea. I have been working out in the gym of suffering from the age of 20. Extreme suffering.

See if you can use my perfections and work gained from my suffering in your own life if I have any of that.

This is trade theory.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 12:05 PM

But i'm telling you, your not prepared. Nobody is. This is doomsday.

Shhhh....your scaring the younglings


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