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The point of family

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posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 07:04 PM
Ok love and depth of soul into our mother and fathers souls through their eyes is unparalleled anywhere in our lifes. There vicinity is like a force of magnetism to our kindled spirit.

I even noticed that the truth is so delicate, moved, humbled that even a slight touch of its awareness is saddening to our current self choice of not being there for them.

We are deeply upset that we aren't there for them that our spirits become shy to socialising with other spirits.

But rather the mainstay of talk talk resumes as ever in humans. Whereas the super amazing sensitivity of spirit touch between nearby humans is soo f**king liberating and scorchingly living that we hide back to our normal selves just for the sake of preservation.

It seems preservation is more important that experience of the spirit. All of our spirits are just as delicate and god bless that mechanic.

Long live the truth! And that truth is that we all share the opportunity to feel the same feeling of spiritual exercise of our existence.

Lol we forget that our control over our lifes feels the same for other people, in exactly the same way in every degree except the conditions which influence the choice of degree.
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posted on Jan, 11 2014 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by Jteetj

Theep doughts !

Somethings are best left as an individual experience.
This is something that is very user specific.

By all means share your experience / interpretation, but accept it as your own - personal offering.
Thank You for your insight.

Interesting thread !


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