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Mandatory Congressional and Senate Kneecapping Act; or MCSKA

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posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 12:11 AM
I propose that at the beginning of each term, a kneecap of the politician's choice is smashed in with a length of pipe. Now, this task demands quality, and I know you're all wondering who will be appointed to such an esteemed position of kneecappery.

For the job of Head Kneecapper, I say Joe Pesci. Now, a lot of you might suggest other people, maybe Tonya Harding's husband, but remember this: Tonya Harding's husband failed to kneecap even one iceskater. These politicians are very slippery.

Now these kneecappings will also serve as term limits, because as far as I know most people only have two legs. Conjoined twins are allowed as many terms as they have kneecaps though. Discrimination would be unfair to those people.

Now, this is not a threat directed at anyone, this is merely a hypothetical suggestion for a better form of government, one in which there is respect and equality amongst each of the hobbled.

What will having a hobbled legislature branch do for you, the average American?

It'll give us all valuable time to run, when the lions come. They always pick off the weakest and the slowest of the pack.
Thank you for your time, and god bless.

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