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Tell me story about your scars...

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:50 PM
61 stitches.


posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Advantage

One little monkey jumping on the Silly monkey.
I bet there was no more jumping on the bed after that.

To the OP:

Let's see my scars....all of them are really pretty faint with a couple exceptions as my skin is super elastic and tends to heal very well.

I have one thin one right between the eyes. The story goes that one of my day cares as a little girl was a Catholic girl and one day, some nuns came up to talk to my mother. I guess I was so spooked out when one leaned down to talk to me that I turned and ran straight into a rock wall. It used to be more apparent but now it just kind of looks like a faint worry line that no amount of botox would fix, lol.

I have a small gouge on my forehead closer to the hairline from where a rapist grabbed my head and smashed it into the corner of a trunk. Blow knocked me out, which I'm rather grateful for.

I have a couple small scars on my right hand from that one time where my cat was in a fight with another a long time ago and I was the idgit that tried to save my cat by picking it up. Pro tip: turn on a water hose instead.

For years, I had a large scar about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide along the side of my voice box from sometime in my "tween" years. How I got that, I don't know and apparently amnesia is somehow infectious because my family will acknowledge that I wasn't born with it but they have no clue what happened to me to cause it. They are AWESOME. It's faded over the years and the use of a special cream eradicated it for the most part. Sometimes, under the right conditions, you can see three round faint red areas where it was. My mom used to say that she'd rip my throat out. Sometimes I wonder if she actually tried (hence the familial amnesia since everybody is scared of her).

I have a c-section scar. First c-section scar was a botched rush job affair after 58 hours of labor. The doc really mangled me. Second c-section was planned and that doc fixed much of what the other doc did wrong. The scar itself is faint but because he had to remove so much damaged tissue from the botched old incision, there's still some issues underneath.

Just in the last year, we discovered a round scar at the base of my skull under the hairline after my tumble down the stairs. No clue how that came to be. It's definitely not a birthmark as it's slightly pocked. Never seen it myself and no clue how I got it. I do know that I took a lot of blows to the back of the head because my parents were dimwitted enough to use stacking heavy furniture where the top piece had a pull out desk and yet didn't have the will to screw the pieces together with the given bracket. What that equated to was the regular self-braining from an antique iron toy that sat on top of it all whenever I used the desk. I stopped using the desk. My guess that it's probably from one of those incidents and I just don't remember it.

And last but not least, a dime sized scar on my hip from a spider bite that went necrotic. That was awesome, too.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:14 PM
Oh I have one for you OP

My middle daughter.. she has the worst scars of the whole family. Kasai procedure at a few weeks old, liver transplant which leaves a gnarly massive scar itself, subsequent major surgeries for problems with the transplanted liver. She had several drains and picc lines which were in long they left huge deep depression like scars about as big as your thumb in 4 places.
She is a very pretty 15 yr old girl and is confident enough to wear a bikini in the summer... and these are MAJOR scars.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by WhiteAlice

HAH! I dont recall, but this little monkey was a moron and a bone head.. some even claim I still am ( behind my back mostly!). Id bet you that I actually DID jump on the bed a few more times. LOL!!

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:26 PM

reply to post by WhiteAlice

HAH! I dont recall, but this little monkey was a moron and a bone head.. some even claim I still am ( behind my back mostly!). Id bet you that I actually DID jump on the bed a few more times. LOL!!

It's okay. I lost count of how many times I tried to use that darn pull out desk and got brained for it. I even remember one time having the entire thing on top of me and being totally stunned underneath. Eventually there did come that day where I investigated it myself and noted the bracket intended to bind the pieces together. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to use the drill to fix it myself. In short, we learn eventually. The key word, of course, being eventually.

I'm a ditz, too, and I usually blame it on all those blows to the head. Now that I've fessed up to that, it should be pretty evident that I was a ditz long before those events, too.

P.S. Sorry to hear about what your pretty baby girl has gone through already so young. Always makes me sad to hear stories like that but bravo to her for not being ashamed of her battle scars.
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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 02:43 PM
Their ought to be a scar rating system with more points for the coolest scars because, frankly, some of these scars are lame.

Scar, Points

Pimple or sickness: -1 point. Not cool at all
Surgery: +1 point per inch of scar
Accident (falling down, impaled, etc.) +1 point. be more careful
Fight with unknown assailant: +2 points
Scar on face from fight above: +3 points
Fight with known assailant: From a male: +3 points, from a female: +4 points
Bullet wound: +4 points
Sword fight: +5 points
Sword fight in official duel: +6 points
Scar on face from sword fight in official duel: +7 points
Scar from meteorite hit: +8 points

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 02:55 PM
I've got a nasty one one my left knee, that I got when I was a kid. I used to be a goal keeper and I had a collision with another player,leaving there football boot stud lodged in my knee.

I also have a huge one running from the top of my head to my ear from 3 brain surgeries to remove tumours. Looks very tidy though.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by Farnhold

I have a few, one in my left shin. Its pretty visible but it healed up pretty well. When I was around 14 or so I was biking with my friends not far from the neighborhood block, I had this old bike that was missing the pedals, or the footholds for your feet on the pedals so only the metal part there attached to was there for you feet to push on. I was doing tricks with it, you know pop a wheelies and riding on the front wheel only, or jumping off of things. There these stairs by a building there from the sidewalk it lead up to about chest high front, so I was jumping of that when my foot slipped and I went crashing down. After that I got up and just continued on for but about 20 or so minutes when I had this strange wet feeling on my feet. I looked down and my leg/pants from almost knee high to my foot was completely red, I was not wearing red pants at all. So I pulled it up and my whole foot was literally blood covered dripping everywere and my pants was socking up the blood. The metal pedal when I slipped straight went in my shin and scraped some bone off. I ran home and got it patched up, but it left a scar which is way smaller now then it was then, now its almost an inch across lengthwise now and not deep at all but you can tell that it was deep at one time.

Another one its not really a scar by I can get a pop sound and at will when I bend my thumb at a certain angle. I was playing football with the neighborhood kids, I remember I had the ball and took off, went pretty far across the field but could not get past some guys and another tackled me from behind. I was holding the football to my chest when he tackled me, I somehow basically landed thumb first into the ground trying to hold on to the football with my weight and his weight right on top of me. When I got up I noticed my thumb was at a wrong angle, if you hold your thumb up, straight in front of your face it was bent at an angle from the joint and I had this little protrusion from there sticking out almost out of my skin, I figured it was a bone or something. That freaked me out so I ran home and eventually went to get it fixed, was in a thumb cast for a month or so.

Another one its just a weird scar that wont go away. I had this wart once years and years ago on my left arm hand, right on the back of my hand were the hand and forearm meet. I went to the drug store bought all kinds of things to remove it, none of them worked, the thing just kept coming back, eventually even had my mom dig it out with a needle. But it came back again, and again, eventually I literally took a razor blade and cut it off as it was sticking out, I literally garbed it with tweezers pulled it up and cut right through it and skin and everything and bandaged it up. It looked like it was going to heal and it did for a while, but literally over night it showed up again its like a little mound on my hand or some bizarre hickey/scar that just wont go away.

I also got one about 7 months ago. I was putting down pallets on a cargo plane, somebody hit the switch and shifted it over right as my hand was under there. The pallet was about 3,000 something kilos so my hand index finger and middle finger were stuck under it with the pallet jammed right between the lock and my fingers right at the joints. Its been some months and it healed but I can still feel it if I put pressure on my joints, also its still a bit more swollen then it used to be and you could tell for months if you compared both hands that the joints part on one hand was bigger then the other.

However the good things is the same thing happened on my other hand. So now its been months and both have healed and both are a bit larger then they used to be, so it matches in size on both hands.

I also am pretty sure I have a scar on my heart but it should be healed by now. Not a metaphorical one either like a real physical scar, not really sure unless I would get x rays to see, but I ain't going back into a hospital if I can avoid it. How that happened? Not even sure I have one really, or if its there anymore, but it was over stupid #. I also have some other small scars most of which have healed and there barely noticeable if at all.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 07:18 PM
Lets see thanks to the glorious sport of hockey...

1. Scar in my right eyebrow (glued it shut and missed 2 shifts)
2. If teeth had scars then my front two would count since a puck to the mouth didnt work out well.
3. 2 years ago first shift of the first game of a new season where we had purchased new jerseys and I had just replaced all my equipment i get hit from behind into the boards.. ruptured ACL and torn MCL...good times... a nice scar on my right knee from that..

Then a week before my senior prom in high school I fell asleep driving and woke up as i hit the tree which flipped my car..I was young and dumb so I didn't have a seat-belt on and that was the main reason I lived. I hit the bridge between my upper lip and lower nose on the steering wheel then landed horizontally on the seat.. 18 stitches inside my mouth, 6 outside and 2 in my hand when i called out across the glass. if i had my belt on they suspected i would have been decapitated based on the glass that was stuck in the seat.. all that being said, I belt up every time i drive now that i am older!

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