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Different types of revivals

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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 06:10 PM
When I first time heard word "revival" or "awakening" it came from mouth of my Christian friend, who told a story of John Wesley-an Anglican cleric and Christian theologian who was responsible for Evangelical Revival.

His evangelical theology was firmly grounded in sacramental theology and he continually insisted on means of grace as the manner by which God sanctifies and transforms the believer, encouraging people to experience Jesus Christ personally.

And I thought "wow" it possible that The Holy Ghost was doing such an incredible job among thousands of people, making them know that Jesus Christ is real and fill them with God's love and wisdom to live Godly life?

I am the person, who is addicted to "Uncle Google" so I could see on my own how many articles about Christian revivals is on the Internet.
Well, Christian revivals give HOPE at least for Christians who really want to "be united" as a one church of Jesus Christ and not be separated into various of denominations. Many believers pray for the same revivals that used to be some time ago to experience again work of the Holy Spirit in their private life, communities, societies, churches. This is a dream about revealing true "Word of God" among all nations of the world with the power of Holy Spirit.


Anyway...when I had an opportunity to talk with people on one forum in my coutry, who mostly practice MEDITATION for self-purification and to help the universe and whole humankind reduce hate, violence, wars on the earth and of course they are idependent spiritualists, who read some books from New Age shelves, but they are not officially in any New Age group, categorized group-that's why they are FREE individuals...they were talking about word "revival" or "awakeing" too.
Maybe more in the context of the book of Anthony de Mello-"Awareness".

As far as I understood them humankind must to WAKE UP and understand that we all are "ONE" and in everyone of us there is a god or godness. And that we need to reduce all mental cages like religions, ideologies, different dogmas to be FREE.


The last and for sure not the last on the list of revivals there is "REVIVAL OF THE LOGIC".
Scientists, free thinkers, atheists want revival of the truth that is presence in KNOWLEDGE about origins of life, the universe.
And I think this advert describe it the best:

IF U know any kinds of other revivals let me know and of course feel free to share your opinions on my observations about the subject of "REVIVALS" or "AWAKENINGS".

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 03:33 AM
What's your opinions about REVIVALS?

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