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Very bad dream about the statue of liberty.

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 07:47 PM
First I would like to say I am not the best at understanding what my dreams mean when I have them.With that said on with my nightmare.

I was in someones back yard having a BBQ with them. The kids were running around playing. The women were cooking the food, and the men was walking around the block. I sat down and noticed I could see the statue of liberty from her back yard. I thought this to be odd. My friend lives nowhere near it not even in the same state. That when it started. At first she just kinda lay down to her left in the water and I thought OMG she broke. Then the second explosion went off and could be seen. It was very big one with a shock wave. As the shock wave came at us. We gathered the kids of to run. My thought in my mind was if the men had even see it and did not know the wave was comming. I looked back to see how far the wave was from us and then I seen what looked like a sting of smaller explosions going off one after another all along the coast line.

What this means I have not a clue. The reality of it leads me to think I was shown what could happen in the near future. I really hope I am wrong and it has more to do with me then this great country of ours. I really don't want to flip on the news and hear it all came true. So please if you work near her please be watchful of strange boats near her look for divers as well they could plant bomb at her bace underwater.

Yes I can be wrong when I dreamed of my grandmothers death . I dreamed her and my hubby and myself were driving to her home town witch is on the mississippi. We were in this old beat up truck we had at the time. I was thinking at the time of how bad an ideal it was to drive this truck so far, and then it happened we were hit by a white car. My grandma died in that reck. But what really happend was my grandmother died of a heart attack . That truck would have never made it to where she was to be burried. So I went to rent a car to drive there. And what did they pull out for me to drive? Only the very same white car in my dream. So you see I never really understand what my dreams mean.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 08:20 PM
I've had scarey dreams too Sistinas. Maybe too much reading here on ATS and watching the news is'nt good for some of us who are sensitive.
But two nights before the election I went to bed wondering who was going to be president and I dreamed me and my brother were outside. We looked up into the sky and saw a nuclear missile comeing down through the clouds. It was in the north east sky (I'm in the south east). Anyway a big hot blast came and me and my brother ran for shelter.
When I woke up I JUST KNEW that Bush was going to win the election.
I don't know if these dreams we have are prophetic in nature. Maybe it's just worry. I certainly hope so.
Your dream for instance could be caused by worry over us loseing our liberties or maybe a loss of your own personal freedoms. The statue of liberty is a symbol of that for americans.

posted on Apr, 25 2007 @ 10:58 AM
Sistina, I too have had prophetic dreams that have not yet come to pass, however I moved from the west coast years ago based on my dream. You never know the influence of telling people about a dream like this. If it saves one person that would have other wise been killed in the disaster, then good job. I for one am glad that you have told about your dream.

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