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Instead Of Free Market Prosperity, We Get This...

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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 11:38 AM
I'm not sure which forum this should be in. Initially this was a reaction to conservative view points, because in Canada, the policies of the Fraser Institute Think Tank, the so called right winged parties bastions of free enterprise, whereas they're anything but.

But its a much bigger problem than right and left or middle political spheres. In fact, right isn't free enterprise it's monopolies free trade, and exporting wealth, the opposite of what it should be. Slightly middle of center liberal or left, isn't supposed to be a police state, or tyrannical, it means good programs, and possibly clean energy solutions with some logical environmental protection, common sense, but not carbon tax, while preserving freedoms. So nothing politically makes sense at this moment, we don't seem to have a normal political ideological landscape at this moment in time.

So this is partly what was a conservative issue, but also any government that speaks business and prosperity and economy before being elected. But what are they doing.

And this article I found, it symbolizes, the whole thing.
If anyone else can bring up other crystal clear examples, would really appreciate it. Because we all want prosperity for our children, ie buy local. We'd like alot of competition amongst businesses, not monopolies, and we can choose the best company, who is proud to stay in our country, pay employees decent wage and benefits, pay taxes, and also, guardian of environment. The best man/woman would get my money for the product, and preferably locally or regionally except for what is abundance in trade, for more exotic items.

We all need strong prosperous nations and small businesses employ most of the people, or at least used to before globalization and monopolies. And bring the most wealth into your community.

In other words, it spreads the wealth around to many people's families, with many competing businesses.

How I got to this article, was via my own search for how to make faux silken type feathers. I was perceiving using rayon or angora rabbit fine yarm and/or soya threads, vegetable silk, to create our own environmentally friendly feather pillows and duvets, because I quit using duvet but with my arthritis have to use soft feather scrunched just right to sleep or Im crippled. So, we're kind of thinking out of the box, because making really sloppy loose tiny pompons or faux feathers should work.

Then I noticed feathered faux fur, and was searching how to weave this....

Which led to: CHINA'S CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Basically, their faux fur has dog fur in it, and they skin these animals alive. Not sure I can say all of the faux fur from China is like this, but you can't buy it from china, and I'm very artistic, and really enjoy the cruelty free, luxurious faux fabrics and the lovely projects and even small businesses people have on etsy. Power to the crafter and artist. It's wonderful. I was envisioning sewing some vests up for my family as gifts.

But, not from China.

Then it went on to rabbits. And WTH did I just see?
A cruelty-free angora fur trade may be incompatible with fast fashion

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 11:41 AM
Here is everything wrong with all the policies of the right and left for decades, having businesses move out of our nations to take advantage of third world prices, and resources, and hand things over to China, perpetual low costs and lack of humane practices towards humans and very much so towards animals which have no protection.

Now, our nations have angora rabbits. I used to buy fleece from various farms that HAND PLUCKED the fibre off of very happy and content critters. What is going on that they don't even want to see local economies and businesses in our own lands?

And What are we going to do about it?
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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 11:47 AM
Truly, the solution I see to this and out of work people is to meet up together locally and start forming connections and support groups, and then creating many ethical local businesses with round table pledges from everyone on the same page, to buy from one another only over any other supplies.

Of course they don't want free enterprise and home grown cottage industries, too much wealth distributed amongst the people, though since they're always talking economy and business before elections you'd think they would, eh? But it's not up to them, it's up to us to get this going for our own children's future.
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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 03:09 PM
People need to wake up to what a con job the whole free market concept is.

We have undone the revolution, and turned over control of our nation to the corporations.

The only way we can do that is elect politicians who represent the middle class.

Which is not the politicians preaching free markets, and not liberal elites who want to take rights away from the working class, in order to raise up minorities, because these elites are class warfare specialists who have no respect for the people that built the US.

Both parties eagerly write laws that take away our liberties and increase regulation of our lives.

And both parties encourage immigration that lowers wages and inflates real estate prices.

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by poet1b

They speak of refusing to regulate corporations, ie. prevent them from taking advantage of third world prices and slave labor, and eagerly give away our middle class and small businesses and instead of tariffs, they sell out the majority of people and pass the most restrictive laws for us. And it hardly matters if its left or right, our various governments in Canada have all participated and the right shudders at any mention of controls of whatever would prohibit profits from the top corporate monopolies.

That article basically dampening hopes of a cottage industry returning to the UK, and the rest of the northern hemisphere, because that was dismantled and given away to the cheapest and most ruthless world faction.

Their is no free enterprise in our free enterprise system, when the whole thing should be about cottage industries, upholding our human and environmental/animal rights, and ethically produce abundance in our nations.

The only ones that can change this is consumers and the citizens of the nation. We're the ones who don't have to buy from predatory industries and individuals.

But at this point in history, the idea of having to reinvent the wheel in every generation and then do repairs, via networking and awareness campaigns. We should be just progressing, naturally.

The problem has always been dismantling regional and national cottage industries, and allowing an influx of unethical products to flood our market.

And people just kept allowing it to happen, not realizing they needed to be more selective on buying power, where you spend.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 02:35 AM

Mahat ma Gandhi said: "There is an art that kills and an art that gives life. The fine fabric that we import from the west or the Far East has literally killed millions of our brothers and sisters, and delivered thousands of our dear sisters to a life of shame. True art must be evidence of happiness, contentment and purity of its authors. And if you will have such art revived in our midst, the use of khadi is obligatory on the best of you at the present moment."

Khadi sales may have gone up, but the fact that the fabric needs a breath-of-fresh-air modernity and newness to find wide sections of takers, would be stating the obvious.

Gandhi explained why cottage industry should be supported by consumers. Yet still to this day heavy advertising is needed to persuade buyers to actually support the handspun industry.

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