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Me, myself, and I

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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 10:13 AM
Born at the fringe, so far from the centre, the summit can not be seen.

Each day is a lesson, a tutorial that I can pass or fail, in my own ways, in my own time. Others who have walked before me show me their steps in the rock, a permanent shadow left behind from a constantly illuminating life.

With my first brave step, aware of the unknown, I make my first movement, forward and upward. The centre and the summit is closer.

Those who know what I am undertaking baptize my existence. I am slowly soaked by an inner world that surrounds me, engulfs me, like a skin made of everything that I will ever know.

I am given my first key to the world.

My second step comes easier, fueled by the promise of knowledge. Thoughts become my friends, teachers and family.

What was one is now two and many.

Above me is a shrouded apex, mysterious and yet, as I wonder, familiar.

Walking tall, I have moved closer to my goal. I am higher than I imagined, and as I look down and around I marvel at the Universe I am creating. Sixteen Universes, nine, four and I am the One.

So many steps.

I do not age, hence I do not leave my past behind. I move forward as a child, forever learning.

After thirty two years, I have one more candle to light, one last star to see in the sky that burns at a trillion degrees. I walk forward and upward.

The Apex.

There is no Apex.

There is only me, myself, and the eye.


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