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posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 01:25 AM
The US Revolution began in the year 2060... The beginning of the end, armageddon, trinity, or whatever you want to call it. It was a revolution to end all lies, half-truths & misrepresentations. It was the beginning of the people taking back control of their country to return freedom to the people.

It was all started by one man who listened to all that was being talked about “ the lies, half-truths & misrepresentations”, all of which were found to be true in those years. He knew nothing would ever be done in his time so he started to put a revolution in motion. He set up a code and delivered a message to all who wanted to listen and take part. He called it RAID. The plan started off slowly, but that was ok. He knew it would be many years before it would come together. He was depending on the children of his generation and of theirs.

His message began like this:

“Our goal here is to free the people from the corruption of many generations of government from within my life span. We as a people can and will take control and deliver freedom back to the people. I feel it is my generation that has the reasonability to insure that your generation and the following generations have a meaningful life. Today! is the new beginning of that. Your livelihood depends on you and your generation...It will be up to you to remove these corrupt officials, and bold face liars from their office. It’s your livelihood that’s at stake not ours, and when I say not ours - I’m talking about my generation, most of us are getting too old to fight, but that’s not to say we want stand behind every person that will take a stand and say no to the corruption that has taken hold on this country... It’s time to change and that change begins with you.”

These were bold words, and he knew he had to use caution and be careful with what he said, because In those days the government had set up many different agency to protect their goals and infrastructures. They spied on their people, assassinated people of distrust, used drones and public cameras to track movement of people, they tracked people’s communications, and manipulated laws to get around the constitution... He knew these kinds of acts placed on the people had nothing to do with freedom and that was meaning enough to start a new beginning for the people.

Today, Friday the 13th 2013 It is the beginning of RAID, our goal is to take control of our current government and return freedom back to the people. In order to accomplish our plan we need to establish basic laws to guide us back to the freedom that this country was founded upon. It’s up to you to set these common rules of law so that we have a guide to reach our goal of freedom.

What laws need to be added or removed? to be continued...

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by Shdak

It’s up to you to set these common rules of law so that we have a guide to reach our goal of freedom
perhaps it is time to take action as the revered Mandela did ?
apparently, his methods are acceptable, the world over.

afterall, laws were made to be broken, right ?
overt to covert, which is best ?

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