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Starwaves [December 2013]

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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 04:24 PM

We came a long way but most of the time we spend in total darkness the only light we could see were the light of the stars. There were times I sat down in my cabin looking at them, with the longing for home a place I cannot return to anymore ,not that it doesn’t exist ,but because the scientist made mistakes that couldn’t be reversed anymore. We knew The fact that traveling slightly above the speed of light should cause time problems so the scientist had this theory if we traveled with our blackhole engines and adjusting the time paradox with the warp engines we could calculate to be back at our home planet just in right time period from where we left our planet .

However, the idiocy of those smart scientists was that they made the errors to calculate that traveling on a slightly higher resonance caused the paradoxical stroboscopic effect in time. Outrageously stupid and some of us got homicidal tendencies ,that when we returned home to planet Xenta Panterra we discovered that evolution just started and didn’t had intelligent life as the time we started our journey. We landed on this alien planet but it was my own home, I felt so desolated and angry, at the same time, I screamed so loud, that from the bushes, this dinosaur predator jumped out from the trees and starting to attack us, we barely made it back to the ship.
I still remember lieutenant Daginar’s words: “Hey Bolton now you know how dinosaurs look like, if I remember wasn’t that a hobby of yours? “
I fiercely looked at him but I could see he also said it in outrageous anger. So I answered “But none of them look like my mother or my little brother? “ He nodded at me and we jumped in our transporter and lifted back to the carrier ship.

The stars gave me comfort and safety, and sometimes you could recognize patterns in them. Like as if you could see faces in them. However, the starwaves were the most stunning and so beautiful the magnetic resonance and collision between waves had this supernatural effect. You could see massive cluttering ball lightning form into human bodies and space dragons that floated to the ships dimmed solar window panels they dramatically lowered the brightness of the stars we passed, but could let you see the electrolytic flaming bodies that sometimes looked as if they tried to reach the ship and grab it. Gases released from the colliding electrons that, In addition, sparked the hydrogen caused the flames and helium atoms causing huge billion-mile flames .I have seen complete hordes of “horsbats” according to Heinrich Staber the German humanoid living on our ship. He imagined them like huge bats on their world only much bigger and looking like this bat like unicorns.

I once thought I could see my mother " who died one-kilo parsec ago" in the electrolytic flames.
She was lovely and could always let me smile and she always laughs at my jokes I made about dad of his cantankerous mood. Now I almost do not speak at all to him anymore. I hope one day I will see her in heaven according to Heinrich the place where all conscientious beings go too when they die.

The time it took to arrive at the nearest star had to be one point two parsecs but there were times we traveled almost hundred parsecs but I rather travel four point five light years then four hundred fifty light years because we then had to go into cryosleep .
One day our Captain Nellis called in via telepathicomms "a telepathic communication system"that the star Acturian thirty-four nine hundred seventy-five, that the board ordered to the Navcommander krilting had gone into a pre state of nova. The solar storms were so massive and the electromagnetic pulses coming from that star had almost destroyed our electromagnetic power converter that gave us the ability to recharge our ship when we orbited the star we had designated.

We suddenly awaked and had to come out of cryosleep what agony we had to go through before we were in complete state of awareness. Lieutenant Daginor did not wake out of cryo and the emergency dispatch team floated in. They had kind of suits that lifted the gravity distortion units so they could run on ceilings and walls to be quickening to the scene. But for large distances they used worm portal guns to shoot at objects at great distances to travel through ,sometimes used in midair if you were in the technician specialist advisory team, because those guys had the ability to override the power node fluctuators
Lieutenant Dagino died he lost his life during the electromagnetic pulse that destabilized the cryo conductors that caused sudden death after lowering the heart rate to a complete stop . Most of the time the emergency dispatch team could bring back people two days after death with their sprititizercapture module. This module could hold a person’s spirit for two days and energize it back with the essencereflector only available at the hospital but this was different and stars in the pre state of nova have such great power that the spirit of the person seems totally disintegrated and not readable anymore in anyway .
Captain Nellis came in and we all stood in line, most of us were in the service for protecting our comet ship.
Captain Nellis rushed to the scene, “ Attention , what happened here hasn’t happened for nearly twenty mega parsecs now and we all have to wait until tech support at the main observatory radar command center have clear readings ” then the Emergency dispatch commander browser reported in to Captain Nellis: “ Sir after we arrived the spiritizercapture module discovered strange readings sir? “

Captain Nellis: “What kind of readings commander, please elaborate? “
D-Commander: “we discovered that electrolytic particles were found in the brains of lieutenant sir?”
Captain “That’s impossible the board always stated that electrolytic entities couldn’t effect or penetrate our ships electro protonic shield cavity? Bolton I want you to go to heinrich staber and tell him that electrolytic cobalt’s twenty-nines ’ are penetrating our defenses “
Did he talk to me? He never talks to me. What did I do to deserve and actually follow this order just given to me; I was perplexed and stared at him for one minute. “Bolton are you there? Are you listening what I said to you? Answering: “yes sir sorry sir, heinrich staber sir? Immediately sir “
Heinrich staber this weird humanoid being, from planet Bearth I believe. We found him on the passage of their star called the Sun. The defenders intercepted him with one of our pulsar ships .I remember this flat round craft with the dome on top and three small ones beneath one horizontal and one vertical bar on top of the other . We did not even understand the language he spoke and he was extremely small half the size of me. Nevertheless, as small as he looked the smarter he was, he knew almost everything about electricity in many variations.

To be continued....

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posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by 0bserver1

Waiting for more! S&F so far!!!

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by beezzer

Wow thanks beezzer that you liked it sofar somehow. I waited somehow for someone to give it a go..but there's definitely more were this came from and its on its way..

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by 0bserver1

Very good beginning!! And I love the cover! Nice job!

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 01:27 PM
Wow! a relay good story!
Please keep it going.

I have read a LOT of SciFi
from the 1950's till 2477
and you are good.
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posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by starheart

Thank you I really appreciate this. I made the cover earlier before i thought out my story.. Most of time when I'm making worlds like these I get the stories for free..

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by buddha

Thanks I love SF I also read allot of Science fiction from Niven and Pournelle and Greg Bear, Asimov
My favorite of all times and I can't even think why they never made a movie out of that book called Splinter really awesome..

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by 0bserver1

I made the cover earlier before i thought out my story.. Most of time when I'm making worlds like these I get the stories for free..

That is exactly how my last four stories have been created! Although that since I am absolutely awful in drawings, it's pictures that I inspire myself with.
But that is exactly how it worked for me! I find a picture that I like, and I base my story around that picture. So much easier to find inspiration, in a way, like this.

And is that me, or lots of people around here likes Asimov?

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 10:59 AM
This is really good, it sort of has a Stephen Baxter feel to it which is awesome because i am obsessed with his manifold series..

S+F good luck in the comp..


posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 02:07 PM
Part two..

Now he is the higher rank among us, and that’s unbelievable, it seems that our command sympathizes more to other less evolved creatures then our own species I guess, but he’s not the only one on our vessel. We picked up several Earth humanoids. I believe in the human timetable we picked up Heinrich on one of their small satellites called moon. When we found him, nearly frozen in the chair of this strange looking spacecraft. Later on, we could manage to decipher the language he spoke and our medical staff tagged him the wireless universal brain translator.

The board members from the great foundation of planets interrogated him to find out if this species could be any danger to us if we wanted to assign him on our ship. He asked us what date it was, but we only could answer this from our own perspective in date and time we learned from our home planet. He later on corrected allot of mistakes they made about his home planet like the name and how they interbreed with each other

Later on our scientist discovered the time period and told him the date we found him was nineteen forty five earth time. He told us that the ship he escaped belonged to another German scientist that they captured by the enemies he fled for. It was one of a kind spacecraft totally invented by the other captured rocket scientist and the technology was found somewhere in Austria in one of the mountains he said. Heinrich had learned to control this craft for testing in the hangar laboratory. Almost, at the end of the war, he got orders to destroy it .But knew he would be killed after he had destroyed this secret craft technology to keep it out of enemy hands. At one night, he entered the saucer ship and escaped gravity but soon discovered that the antigravity equalizer wasn’t completely calibrated and had to make an emergency crash on the moon.

So I came to his cabin and the door opened before I could touch the announcer.
“Bolton Bolton I can smell you from a distance “he said. “ Why do you think I open this door sooner than you can press the announcer?”
Bolton: “I don’t know Sir? “But I clearly knew why. After we found the wreckage of his ship we did not softly handled the dismantlement of his ship. As we are strong and fast builders but not in any chance subtle to parts of Alien ships. I destroyed one of his so-called antigravity equalizer the most important asset of his ship. According to him, this equalizer balanced the ship and now he could not go home anymore.

He never forgave me for that, but he never will understand how lucky he was when we brought him in.

So I answered, “Can I come in? “ The minute of silence that followed could kill. “Sure “he answered. We made jerky movements when we were nervous something like jack dawns do when they walk the streets .So I stepped inside his cabin and begun holding military posture.

I only could see his back, and from the look of his position, he was working on something, something but couldn’t see from where I was standing. So I slowly bended sideways and tried to look over his shoulder. Suddenly he answered “You really want to know what I’m doing, do you? “ I did not replied. Then he repeated the question only this time louder and more irritated. “I said “No Sir “And he answered: “Good because if you do I have to kill you for it, because if I told you that this device could kill the entire colony on the Comet ship, Oh dear slipped tongue “. Then he quickly grabs this thing out of his desk and throws at me, my large elliptic eyes widened and large pupils reduce on high alert! I try to evade the object and dive into the right corner. Then laughter starts to penetrate my hearing.

“I really got you there,” he said, “What was it? “I answered “Just a baseball you idiot “I answered, “what’s a baseball, something that you finally can use to go home” I answered.

Then a grim laugh silence the room and he answered “No that I have put beside me “

Bolton: “Oh I’m really sorry sir I thought you had find a way to finally get your ship in order to fly again?”

Heinrich: “I wish that was true son I really longing to go home “

Bolton: “Me too Sir I can’t even remember what home looked or smelled like? “

Heinrich: “Strange that we subsequently share the same faith? “

Bolton: “You know we don’t believe in the same god as you humans do Sir?”

Heinrich: “Never mind, ‘Coughing’ what’s the problem Bolton”

After telling him the whole story of what happened at the cryodream pods and that the electrolytes were penetrating our defenses he immediately put on his jacked and walked off with a fast pace to the hover board elevators. These elevators worked on the same principle as the anti gravity device of Heinrich’s ship. After we dismantled his ship, our engineers reproduced these elevators out of it. In fact, every ship we’ve encountered that had technology we didn’t possess we back engineered to our own benefit. And we have had many encounters with allot of different species.

We are not a hostile and smartest species among all alien species that live on our comet ship. So that’s why we haul in as many as we can get when we travel the stars. Our state of spiritual awareness is the largest on the ship among all living beings that are here.

Every Alien we bring aboard has to undergo the harmonically -enlightened treatment. The alien species enters the connection chamber. Here the spirit will merge with every spirit on the ship and learns everything about everyone on the ship. You’ll see the stories and feel the grief, pains, laughter, and joys from every living soul on this ship.

These sessions will repeat monthly until you reach the full connection level that gives you the ability to telepathically communicate vast and great distances, for example, you can reach out within a complete star system. It is the only way to harmonize this whole establishment. The essence we have within our possession for billions of years now.

As I came back to the cryo dream pods, I could see that the captain and Heinrich were discussing the accident and by the look on their faces, I could see that they couldn’t come to an agreement on something. I could pick up something like “electrolytes are alive and feeding of our spirits?”

I again I had to snap out of my thoughts and yelled “Sir! Sir I know it’s true “They both turned their heads towards me and synchronically answered: What’s true? “

Bolton: “I, I’ve had this connection a while ago with one of them but I remember that they said that they erased my conversation with them.”

Captain: “YOU WHAT? That is impossible the board always stated that these entities had no conscience and were merely electromagnetic ejections from the stars. ”

Heinrich: “I once had this weird accident when we build our saucer ship. After we’d finishing testing the high voltage transformer to get the saucer in order to fly something happened we didn’t expect the transformer house suddenly exploded and electricity sparked through the air. At one point, I stared right into the electrolytic entity that had this facial structure and smiled at me. However, it happened in split seconds but it still haunts me, and now this happens?

To be continued...
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