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Unbelievable Accidents That Actually Happened

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posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 08:18 PM
Not enough room to say much. I thought these were interesting. Wanted to share with my ATS buddies and get your opinions on which ones you find most... umm... terrifying/gruesome/mind-blowing/etc.

I think #1 would be the worst. That's probably just because I have a fear of flying without there being any crocs on board.

#1 Crocodile Crash
Twenty-one people walk into a plane. One guy and a crocodile walk out. Hmm, very suspicious. The lone survivor of this small plane wreck claims that another passenger stashed the crocodile into a sports bag and smuggled it onto the plane. The scaly beast broke free from the bag and chaos ensued. It scared the flight attendant so much that she ran to the front of the plane screaming, which caused the passengers to panic and run up with her. The plane completely lost its balance and fell right out of the sky. Twenty people died, including the pilots. The only survivor made sure to take care of the crocodile with a machete. Trying to keep someone quiet, eh?

#2 Internal Decapitation
So you accidentally dismount your head, so what? You can always pop it back in, right? Shannon Malloy, was a young mother who managed to get away with this trick. She was internally decapitated after a car crash. Internal Decapitation is what they call it when a person's head is detached from their body but still attached by skin. Think of it like a tennis ball in a sock. Doctors were able to place her skull back onto her spine. It did take five tries though. What do you expect? Definitely not anesthetic, because she was awake during the procedure and even said she felt her head slipping off. Miraculously, she walked away, probably not right away, but she did walk away alive and without being paralyzed.

#3 Grenade Gut
Channing Moss's body took some major heat from a Rocket Propelled Grenade. This former private of the U.S. Army was part of a unit that was attacked in eastern Afghanistan. The RPG hit the left side of his body and even visibly protruded from it. He was lucky enough to not have the shoulder thrown bomb explode while it was inside him. But, you know, he still had a foot-long grenade in his side. And it wasn't five dollars. That's probably the worst part. Actually that's probably the better part, because then he'd be paying five of his own dollars for a grenade in his gut. That's a total ripoff. Luckily, he was treated with some very fine morphine by some very fine physicians that suited out in helmets and body armor (which were very fine) while removing the warhead. Better luck next time, soldier.

#4 Man Sliced in Half
Truman Duncan was working as a railroad switchman in June 2006. He fell in the devastating path of two moving freight cars. Although he survived, he was not left in tact. Duncan's body was severed in half. His pelvis was sliced in two by the wheels. He says he, "ended up falling off and when I did I stood up and the end of the car just hit me in the chest...I grabbed a hold of it and I was hanging on by the knuckle. And I had decided to actually run backwards and kind of just jump out of the way." He still had the remarkable sense to grab his cell phone and call 911. "I knew all I needed to do was just, you know, wait until help got there and then maybe I'd have a chance." We call him Truman the Trouper because he waited he a whopping 45 minutes for help to arrive. We can get a pizza delivered faster than that, or it's free!

#5 Blinded With Science
A physics researcher was rammed in the head with a proton beam close to the speed of light in 1978. After examining a malfunction in the largest Soviet particle accelerator, Anatoli Burgoski saw something “brighter than a thousand suns”. Despite the incredibly powerful beam of energy that burned through his skull, he felt no pain. This wouldn't last long. Half of his face swelled up and gradually peeled away. The proton beam had severed through his entire head, including his face and brain. Doctors at the Mayo clinic in Moscow observed him while he waited for near certain death. Amazingly, he survived this without significant brain damage, even earning a Ph.D. afterwards. Still, be careful around those particle accelerators, the ones that you totally have in your house right now.

#6 All Aboard
This kid needs a vacation from his vacation. After a week in Florida, 10-year-old Luke Bresette found out just what it meant to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 300 pound board fell and fatally crushed the young boy. His mother and two siblings were also injured. It took six people to lift the information board enough for the emergency medical staff to attend to him. It took another 12 people to lift it up completely. The Birmingham airport has since removed a similar board.

#7 One Wedding and a Funeral
Some guys get all the luck. Not so for Fabio Marciel. The young groom died on his own wedding day. Sure he was head over heels in love. But no one expected him to be head over heels in blood. The newly married man played happily with a little bridesmaid while toting a beer glass he had stashed in his pant pocket. Why would anyone walk around with a beer glass in their pocket? It was 2am, why else? Why not? Here's why. The 33-year-old groom tripped and fell, simultaneously puncturing a major artery on the top of his leg. He died of massive blood loss while being rushed to the hospital. Next time, just put the glass down.

#8 Don't Break a Leg!
Wrestler Owen Hart made an unbelievably grand entrance into the ring during W.W.F. pay-per-view special, "Over the Edge". The Blue Blazer was lowered from top of the arena. The stunt had him dangling from 78 feet in the air. Instead of a slow dramatic entrance, Hart fell violently into the ring. As usual, this was due to an equipment malfunction. He suffered internal bleeding due to blunt force trauma. The famous wrestler was 34 years old. Thousands of fans watched The Blue Blazer die on the spot.

#9 All Jacked Up
In the wrong hands, accidents and Jack Daniel's seem to go hand in hand. But Mr. Daniel himself was dead sober when he tried to open a locked safe one morning. When the godfather of whiskey could not recall the combination for the lock, he did the only reasonable thing he could do. He kicked it open and broke his toe. He eventually died, but not from blood alcohol poisoning. No, he died of regular old blood poisoning when he contracted a deadly infection through the broken toe. Patience, Jack!

#10 The Balloon's Gone Up!
Everybody loves a jumping balloon. That probably changed in 2006 after 30 people took to flight when the bouncy castle broke free from the ground and floated up to the sky. Sounds like every kid's dream, right? The first 50 feet of upward flight were probably pretty cool. The next 150 feet of traveling across the sky seem like a buzzkill, especialy when the balloon flipped over. An eye witness said, "I heard the snapping of tent pegs and a lot of screaming, then the inflatable flew up into the air and bodies were dropping from it. It was just carnage. There were people everywhere lying on the ground. Some had been on the inflatable when it took off, others were hit on the ground.” Thirteen people were injured. Two died.

You can see 5 more in the source link. Take a look at #15: The Beer Flood: xMzg1Nzc2MTkyLCAiaCI6IDg1MjM4NDIzfQ

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posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by sled735

#10, those bouncy castles, you would be surprised how many accidents there are with those getting picked up in the wind . The other accidents are interesting, had not heard of them.

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 02:05 AM
I wrote a thread a few weeks or months ago about accident number 2 happening to me, but not during a car crash. And well, while I say I was internally almost decapitated, my head had had dislocated from the top vertebrae. Replaced in place without anesthesia by the chiro.

I still have problems over a year later... lol, but not funny at all.

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 04:23 AM
Was at a friends house watching PPV wrestling 15 - 20 years ago and witnessed #8 on live TV. His harness came undone and he fell from near the roof of the arena and hit the turnbuckle on the side of the ring. The camera immediately turned away from the carnage. The announcers went silent for a minute as the camera focused on a random part of the arena wall. Finally a voice came on to say that what we had just witnessed was not just "part of the show". It was all very eerie and surreal. R.I.P. Owen Hart.

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by sled735

LOL.poor Jack Daniels. He sounded a bit like me as that's something I would have done
.....Check your inbox to I messaged ya. I need your help
...And that's it...I'm off bouncy castles!!!!

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 02:00 PM

Was at a friends house watching PPV wrestling 15 - 20 years ago and witnessed #8 on live TV. His harness came undone and he fell from near the roof of the arena and hit the turnbuckle on the side of the ring. The camera immediately turned away from the carnage. The announcers went silent for a minute as the camera focused on a random part of the arena wall. Finally a voice came on to say that what we had just witnessed was not just "part of the show". It was all very eerie and surreal. R.I.P. Owen Hart.

I was wondering if anyone here had seen this when it happened.

How terrible!!

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 02:07 PM
Here are the other 5 that I didn't have room to list in my OP:

Visit the source link in the op to see pictures of all the events mentioned. They are too large to list here.

#11 Burn Baby, Burn
A royal ball turned into a royal ball of fire in the year 1393. France's King Charles VI and his crew decided to have a laugh and show up dressed as "savages". They adorned themselves with body suits that were soaked in a flammable type of wax called pitch. The idea was to cover the suits with frazzled hemp to give the appearance of being hairy from head to toe, which is what they thought "savages" looked like, we guess. It seems a little overdone, but whatever. In order to achieve this they used a flammable wax called pitch to glue the the faux hair onto the suits. The middvil bouncer used the only light source available at the time to find out who the intruders were. Fire, meet pitch. Poof! The four men went up in flames and died.

#12 No Hat, No Head
The roller coaster was zooming down the tracks at 50 mph when it tragically decapitated a young man. Sadly, the 17-year-old was a victim of his own indiscretion. The teen and his friend jumped a fence into a restricted area around the ride. They were hoping to quickly retrieve a hat the young man had lost. Instead, the 17-year-old was struck by a passenger's leg. The blow was enough to fatally injure him. Fortunately there were no other deaths from the incident. We're pretty sure that somebody hurt their foot, though.

#13 Severed Feet on Six Flags Ride
A 13-year-old girl's feet were both severed as a broken cable whipped across her body. The Superman: Tower of Power ride was only 20 feet off the ground when a slew of cables began to snap. The cables had already left Kaitlyn Lasitter and her friends bleeding and injured. Despite their frantic cries to stop the ride, the show went on. They ascended further and further and eventually plummeted their way back down. Kaitlyn turned to her friends and asked them if they were ok, not knowing that both of her feet were missing.

#14 Javelin, Meet Head.
It’s the 2012 Olympics in London. What could go wrong? Apparently, the javelin was not meant to be thrown into the head of a Japanese girl. The 19-year-old athlete that was inadvertently responsible for the traumatic blow did his best to warn this unfortunate teen. Safety regulations require a warning call before a throw (fore!). The poor dude did his duty. The poor girl needed to clean out her ears. Fortunately the 15-year-old unnamed girl survived. Unbelievable!

#15 Beer Flood
You don't need fancy technology to cause an unbelievable accident. In 1814 a vat of beer exploded in a London brewery. It's sad when any beer goes to waste. It's especially sad when 4.4 million pints of beer go to waste. Even worse, the massive flood of beer trapped two young men under the rubble of a dissolved pub destroyed two homes. Saddest of all, eight people were drowned by the sea of beer simply because they happened to be in their basements at the time. Talk about binge drinking!

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by sled735

I find #11 totally ironic! Seems their joke backfired.

Interesting cases. Thank you, Sled.

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