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Anonymous Legion Portugal 24h decrypt challenge

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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 05:27 PM
Hello guys.

Was wondering if anyone is able to decrypt a message left by Anonymous Legion Portugal today on my local news spots. I did my best at it and failed.

I am eager to know the specifics of the information revealed after the links have been decrypted.

Here is the string to decrypt:

cee7c6f8ac47817476390b6c102afe55a859a7a217a8784dba730137ce747bf56736bc1db785b99049fbf360b01f1bb0fe7d3c2520394baaa6d83b56e01f77e504b87944d97818cf49e11e 4d9aee89fa41ebf3a28893b62ab1c05ee72b55778ea0a3cf71990c959c91ebdacbe8d332b60937665d9e9c230c7afc898e5d9bc1bdb45e6ffdd7532a917d01b939e12ea429fad69c734163 459fc01d4cf806d04203332421ce1ea275a7f0bc2e8c54bad23c93dd3b5fc7d284d52f9e88ff6f42331ff99f999d7f8234439d7ab958fd35b9ab853e4c81afd2ef6147b415a6357ce8673d ddfbc8a801c3c10409630b67f562295da3200699dd5dea21d09227db4206856d64a5776493817a08b8bf9d2e9cd715e021b47dfba176d7dd5d4a5610cf6008375346f20a1d101175a5d965 cde7bbd1bb73cac3c9d8176db5273c955aa4ec08eb25d8f9d215c1f9a4e0c7fef5f8bf1457448e45fa473e9bc0ebbd5e79781b40da66e898569ae23707ac8beab444a78b293d92f0e42a5e ee0d1368f9ab6f9a0e919569bf5962af29241bf7acf1ce3323fcf80a2596ac2b89ae8b9676a22f0602c48027c60aa65b84b6f9ab273af5c58d4fd8358e87d0ba9b13d0ce3fcd509336bce6 fae111a66d31c8f9499da4806bdb97ba0aef4cd5c1da30a651a2e56614f8fc235b16bf038be3f14a86f3854f63168f1bab8ac010afd9edce0d506e431c7a7af26f7d0e0e3e73d61836f21e b51d7264daf10c0acc3202873f1b9717046c7f8fbbed52cda32ca827080cda3ab33c1726562363b20c60b33cd0df55508092ae3a2c4f9256facefca8272594ecdd4234bfc8a12fb1b19c

ATS board isn't recognizing the site where i first saw this information. Don't know why, maybe i am doing something wrong.
It was on http:SLASHSLASHpastebinDOTcom/TBSGMtcn
Check it out guys, replace the SLASHSLASH for // and the DOT for .

I know you guys love a challenge, this is on a 24h countdown, after that the links will be deleted, so they say...

Thanks for your time.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 05:35 PM
Well it's a hex string for one thing, but other than that it's difficult to tell how the original string was encrypted. Honestly I can't be bothered trying to crack these sorts of things because there are literally billions of different ways it could have been encrypted. But to make it easier they could have chosen a common encryption algorithm, and the trick is to find the correct password for decryption. But even that could take a ridiculous amount of time if the password is long enough. I would honestly hate to be a professional code cracker, it must be the most tedious job imaginable.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by ChaoticOrder

Can the password be CEE ?
It keeps getting mentioned without context

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 06:12 PM
Its getting circulated:


And more info from the original leak:

This game consists in the decryption of the string below, after decryption you will have the links to the information leaked of the following:
- All Portuguese Capitalists Personal Info;
- Bank Accounts and Tranfers;
- Barack Obama Personal Information;
- European Comissioner - Mr. Durao Barroso;
- G20 Information;
- Information on all world secret services;
- NATO Information;
- Oil Company's;
- Personal G20 Leaders Information;
- Portuguese Government Connections to NWO;
- Rotschild and Bank of Portugal;
- United Nations Information;
- World Bankers Personal Information;

You will have 24 hours to decrypt the string and have access to the information! After that the links will be deleted!

edit on 26-11-2013 by p4rs3C because: (no reason given)

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 06:18 PM

reply to post by ChaoticOrder

Can the password be CEE ?
It keeps getting mentioned without context

It may be, but you still need to know the encryption algorithm associated with the password. I just tried a few common algorithms with CEE as the password and it didn't seem to work. My guess would be that CEE is actually some sort of acronym.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by ChaoticOrder

Yes it is an acronym.
in Portuguese CEE = Comunidade Económica Europeia
in English EEC = European Economic Community

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by p4rs3C

Send it to the NSA - they'll make short work of it. If they really were about to release the info they say they have, I'm sure the NSA has already decrypted it.

Seriously, you'll have better luck on 4chan. They love this kind of stuff and supposedly have a few people there with hacking and decrypting skills.

Good luck - and keep us posted.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 09:16 PM
I worked it out , it says "you will never get back the hours you spent cracking this code"

posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:40 AM
Game Over it seems

#OPAntiNWO #OPStopThePower #OPBanksters #FreedomForThePeople

World leaders (at least they still think they are), CFR, NSA, FBI, CIA, STRATFOR, NATO, UN, G20, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, BANKERS, and all of you who oppose the truth, freedom, justice and independence of the people in this world we live in!

We are anonymous!

The game it's over!

For the past 24 hours, it was asked you too decrypt a string (or hash if you'd like to call it) to have access to your leaked information by anonymous! And we know that so far no one was able to access, some said it is not to be decrypted and some said this was not anonymous, lot's of bull*** said.

Now, we will give only the algorithm used and where to decrypt it! You are NOOBS, and never should called anonymous or hackers or cyber warriors of the world, garbage, remember RSA guys?

You are a joke, like you've always been, and once more this game was the proof of it, you were joked, thrown to the ground, with no solution at site, have you seen your faces at a mirror when every time you thought you'd get the riddle, and then nothing, again, and again, and again?

Yes now you're asking yourselves, was someone watching? Was it? Or not? Well beware... We are everywhere!

Don't forget we are anonymous, we are legion and we are everywhere!

Algorithm used: Rijndael-256
Site used:

Next time call the fireman, maybe they have more brains to solve such a riddle!


We are Anonymous!
We are Legion!
We do not forgive!
We do not forget!
You should've expected us!

From wwwDOTpastebinDOTcom/05mQN7Wd
again replace the DOT for .
whats the problem with this kind of links anyway!?!

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