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Computers for the Blind .

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posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 08:05 AM
Well I thought wouldnt it be great if there was a way to devolipe A computer that a blind person could use.
Being that I personialy am missing my right eye (( Blind on that side) I think about being blind more then most and worry some about the eye I have left . Woke up this morning thinking how would you make a omputer for a blind person .A few mints later (raised letters on the key board and a voice program alowing the person to know were the mouse is and whats on the web page would pull it off .
Then wondering if our programing is up to this task .
So using google search I set out to see if this was being worked on and how far along it has come .Well wouldnt you know it the links I provided go to two web sites about computers for the blind >and not only have the done this but have even taken it one step farther .after all a bunch of special programing or key boards kinda hard for every one who needs it to have .being able to use a public computer would make computers accasible to the blind in just about any town in any library .
And the one site has JUST this avalible .
So here is a post for thouse of us who look for hope instead of doom .Who look for the good instead of the bad. A little good news today to go with your morning coffee.
Ps please all you who just love to hate there are plently of threads for that .Yes I know my spelling sucks . This isnt for stars This isnt for wanting to get a 1000 replys This is just for people who would like for just one mint to experence hope.
have a great Turkey day (even f its toefood turkey your having .

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