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The Philosophy of Pattern: Synchronism in the Rubix-Cube Reality

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 08:24 PM
This is the more simplified middle-ground between my previous two threads (if you are interested, links are below) and essentially concentrates on the "Nature of Nature", which is an elusive topic I know, but even more worth investigating because of it!

Previous threads:

I'm going to try and keep this short so the emphasis will be on the discussion instead of me trying to outline many concepts at once..

this is what I put forth:

Both the nature of "all that lies outside of the self" AND "the ego" are like a Rubix-Cube..
(think of the nature of a snowflake or a fractal. the parts of the system resemble the whole.. or perhaps that old kabbalah idea "as above, so below" is fitting..)

In this analogy, each color of the Rubix-Cube reality represents a different aspect of our ever-changing selves and, after learning to classify certain colors of "the cube" (usually in vague terms such as "good" and "bad"), there is often the initial strategy of attempting to isolate each color to one side (which is comparable to trying to isolate an individual's "flaws" or aspects of their character that they would like to change..)
but we each find that the more we try to concentrate on just ONE part of the equation, the more the other colors get mixed and chaotic..

Many people get frustrated with this process and often do not consider themselves adequately "gifted" intellectually and doubt their innate ability to understand the nature of "the cube", let alone to "solve" it; often leaving it to the "experts"; relinquishing all control and responsibility of the direction in their lives..

The Rubix-Cube-Ego IS indeed complex at first glance and especially confusing to "solve" after many people have offered their solutions, but still there seems to be something missing..

it's about the experience instead of the end.

we don't play monopoly or chess just to get to the end do we..?
It is in the spirit of experience and the strategy we pick up in playing and observing.. not the fulfilling of ulterior motives which have nothing to do with the game (i.e. making yourself look good/dominating "the opponent"/any other motive which contributes to over-competitiveness..)

just as you (usually) don't truly HATE the person you are playing a game with, so too should we treat people who enter our lives without suspicion and malice, but with a cunning eye for strategy and a playful spirit..
I do not say we should be naïve, but we also must be careful to not keep guarded against any "competition" lest we begin to see ourselves as THE champions of the universe.. (haha..)

"they" may be competing and challenging us, but whoever "they" are, they're just another cube in the BIGGER cube and will be on their way soon enough, whether they be viewed as a positive influence or not..

The "solving" of the Ego-Cube is comparable to "the death of the ego" which is the goal sought after by many traditions which "seek enlightenment" and is indeed an effective means to realize the true nature of "the game" (when one NEEDS a reminder..) but it is NOT required for the enjoyment of the game, and can indeed distract from the game itself when seen as its focus..

The word Synchronism is usually used to describe the coinciding of events in a purposeful way, and what I am suggesting is that this concept can be extended to describe a philosophical way of looking at things which transcends a duality between a clock-work universe and one which is shaped by free-will..

In continuing with the Cube-Analogy: the cube IS a cube, and acts like a cube.. there's no questioning "why does it Cube?" because that IS what it IS..
but it isn't the only aspect of the equation!
The Mind which observes the cube is NOT limited by any shape-nature such as the cube, and really is only limited the by brain which is filtering it..
This part of the system that IS NOT confined by these same rules IS THE ONE PLAYING WITH THE CUBE.. this consciousness can imagine anything it can manage to conjure up (which is by no means INFINITE, but still FAR from being predictable..)
it is in the imagination that a "solution" to the cube can be found..

This "Cube-Nature" is representative of what we often think of as "The Laws of the Universe" and exactly what usually leads us to thinking of the universe as a machine..

while there are certain things a cube can do, and there are some things that our mind can visualize and WISH for: the fact stands that certain things are not possible (or probable) in the cube-based universe and the ACTUAL experience is found where the two worlds meet..

Here too the analogy is fitting for describing the relationship between all the world's religions and their pursuits as having a common goal..
Each religion or philosophy (or paradigm.. see "the language of the universe" thread..) offers a different "solution" to The Cube, but any of their "solutions" are usually fairly vague or misleading to the student who only follows ONE "solution" instead of integrating many and ultimately following one's intuition..

Scientology or Mormonism, for example, DOES have SOME aspects that (belief it or not) are profound and reveal something about life..
but of course requires a lot of time and money to "climb the ladder to the truth" and basically learn the purposefully confusing language that they conceal that "truth" in only for the truly "initiated"..

and then you realize that You knew "the truth" all along..

I originally intended for this thread to be shorter, but alas there was much more to try and fit-in than I originally estimated!

my final thought: You might be saying, as I have at many times in thinking of these things, "sooo.. I understand that 'solving The Cube' is optional and Life is more of a 'Game' instead of a 'Competition' but.. how does this analogy extend into that realm which ISN'T confined to that Cube-Nature and encompasses the aspects of experience that are not explained by modern science..?

..Where does the Magick come in..?"

Well THAT my friend, is for those of us who get bored and frustrated with that cube-system, take the whole damn thing apart, and reassemble it as we see fit

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by HyphenSt1

Wonderfully thought out.... S&F! I do understand your analogy but it begs for me to ask, why is this post so long on such a simple subject 😛 just kidding.
I sometimes feel that preppers and entrepreneurs live their lives in another realm and have a total different way of playing "the game" . Preppers tend to know that there is a whole other way to live life but can't figure out how to tap into that easy life so they are weary and suspicious of it.
The entrepreneurial or cunning have thought outside the box and found out how the slipstream works, thus riding it out. Yet they also know that is a treacherous journey.
Thank you for the cube theory

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by agentblue

I greatly appreciate it! Yeah it is unfortunate when it seems almost impossible to communicate with those who are dedicated to "holding" a certain opinion..
it's like they are constantly trying to get all of the Red Squares (arbitrarily representing the "negative" aspects of society) onto one side of The Cube where they can keep an eye on those nefarious Red Squares and not be surprised by any funny business..

but until we can be okay with integrating the Red Squares from time-to-time, we can never organize and harmonize the other colors.. (representing the "positive", ambiguous, and unknown aspects of life.)

Now i'm starting to ponder how.. like a Rubix-Cube.. the human experience seems to be of only 4-dimensions.. until one takes the entire arrangement into consideration!

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