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John Denver "On Being Human"

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 01:51 AM

There was something special, something deep, knowledgable, and strangely innocent about John Denver.

Nice to hear his thoughts a good long presentation on the state of human affairs back in the 1970's, when all the nonsense of a totally dysfunctional society and civilization had it's roots and origins, although there was something, something...implacable, that I can't quite put my finger on now.., something in the air, in the world of nature (as we related to it and it, us), something innocent that's been lost. I was just a little kid then, born in the late 60's, but I can remember distinctly the difference and it wasn't just in me, being young.

John Denver had that quintessential "thing" in my opinion, so I'm glad I came across this, and can share it with you here at ATS, now, in late November, of 2013.

He carried his fame with the utmost humility too (see my thread Why famous (and "powerful") people may have difficulties, in Heaven.), which makes me think that here is one famous person who actually went to heaven, to that "home country" and is there now.

Hope you like his talk as much as I am (still watching it).

God Bless you all,

NAM aka Bob

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

40 minutes into the first talk. Wow, a guy with a big heart talking common sense with some intelligence. Its so ALIEN in these times.... I keep waiting for it to cut to a pundit in a suit who sticks a political label on him and dismisses him, but it keeps going...

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 04:21 AM
There was an unprecedented major snow storm the day of Halloween 1991. I was driving in the storm on the way to drop my 3-year old off at her preschool Halloween party and then I was to see an ob-gyn for a pregnancy test. We lived in the country and as we traveled, the road conditions became increasingly hazardous. I lost control of my truck and wound up in the ditch. Cell phones were non-existent back then. My young daughter and I sat in the ditch as numerous vehicles passed us by. At one point a dubious man stopped and strongly encouraged us to enter his van but I declined. It seemed as if all the vehicles that passed by were unconcerned with providing help and I was running dangerously low on gas. My next plan of action was to put my daughter on my back and hike to the nearest farm which was quite a way in the distance and the snow was quite deep by then. Although I had a history of miscarriages, there seemed to be no other choice. Just as I unbuckled my daughter from her car seat, a young man in an old beat-up Bronco pulled over and asked if I needed help. He looked just like John Denver and I trusted him with all my heart. The young man pulled my truck from the ditch and followed me back to my home several miles away. When I arrived home, I offered to pay him but he declined. He told me he was on his way home from school to milk his dad's cows. The weird thing is, no one in my small community fit his description. All my friends and neighbors had absolutely no idea who this guy was. And my pregnancy went full term...

John Denver is beyond my comprehension.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 01:50 PM

reply to post by NewAgeMan

40 minutes into the first talk. Wow, a guy with a big heart talking common sense with some intelligence. Its so ALIEN in these times.... I keep waiting for it to cut to a pundit in a suit who sticks a political label on him and dismisses him, but it keeps going...

What an totally awesome human being he was eh?

I like what the guy introducing him said, that "if you look at him too long he kills you, he kills you" kills the things that need killing that is.

His uniqueness was a source of insecurity for a long time, and when he got over it, this is the result.

There's such kindness and loving understanding in the guy and I found it very interesting the things he can't take about the way people are pitting against each other, how they don't make him angry as much as ... almost embarrassed for his fellow man and astonished that anyone could conceive of such ridiculous nonsense.

He's so lovable, it's really very hard to describe.

What a walk down memory lane into the domain of nostalgia for a lost world/reality.

I hope this gets flagged up to the front page so that everyone can see what an authentic, shining, radiant human being really looks like when cast in the light of life as it ought to be. You just don't see people like this any more or very often because something has happened to us, collectively based on troubles that he saw coming and wished to bring to our conscious awareness so that we would avoid the pitfalls that we've fallen into, since.

It's a very interesting and very nostalgic look back, and because of the way society and civilization has unfolded since it's even more powerful in the contrast it draws. Heck the things he had the biggest problems with are for us just par for the course and stuff we take for granted as if there's nothing at all wrong with it.

Thanks John, for showing us where the line is really drawn and for having the courage to be an authentic human being and letting your light shine with humility for the world to see.

You are both loved and missed.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 09:21 PM

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 11:07 PM
As an immigrant to canada when I was a child in the 70s I remember my dad trying to "north americanize" himself... He watched MASH, bought leather boots and jacket, a guitar and John Denver sheet music. He played those songs for us with a reverence I never understood.

He had the fortune to meet John Denver playing guitar around a campfire on an extremely remote fishing trip years ago and spent a few days with him just hanging fishing, talking philosophy and music. Ever since he has been writing "songs" of his own using snippets of John's musical phrasing, lol.

It's kind of sweet and now I think I get it.

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