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Casual coincidence or did I see the future?

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posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 05:21 PM
I kept a dream log for a short period of time. A total of about six dreams were recorded and then I got lazy and stopped. I just looked back through it and realized one dream in particular seems to be describing a current day situation.

Quick back story: My mother started talking about her plans to divorce my father around March 2012. The divorce occurred and my mother and brother ended up moving to California. Take note of this. She is now remarried to a man who goes by a shortened version of his actual name with almost everyone he knows. This shortened version of his name is three letter long. It isn't "Bob" though. Take note of this as well. They live on the third floor of an apartment complex. To get to their apartment, one would have to walk up multiple sets of stairs. Take note of this also.

Below is the dream in question. It was recorded in March 2011. At that time there was absolutely no talk of divorce. As I said, the first I ever heard of it was about a year later.

March 27, 2011: I found out at some point in the beginning of the dream that my mother and brother were living at another house. The first part I remember was when I climbed over the fence of the backyard. I walked towards the backdoor and my mom met me there. She told me my brother was upstairs. I went inside and there was a room to my right that you had to walk down a couple steps to get to. A hallway was in front of me and the staircase was to the left of the hallway. The staircase was a ramp at a low angle that went up to one floor above and then another ramp right at the top of the first went in the opposite direction to the top floor. I went into a room and found my brother inside. Some words were spoken. I then went back downstairs into the kitchen. To the right of the kitchen was a room filled with arcade machines. A couple had Pac-man and another had a golf game, the rest I don't remember. I asked my mother who owns this house and she answered, "Bob". I tried to play one of the arcade machines, but was unable to for some reason.

First off, what's the chances I have a dream which has my mother and brother living in a new place with no mention of my father. I don't even remember feeling like it was odd that there was no mention of my father, but instead of a man known as "Bob". It was as if in this dream I knew it all made sense as I do today in actual life.

Secondly, why would I have to go up multiple sets of stair to reach where my brother was? In reality if I was outside the apartment on ground level, as I was in the dream, I would actually have to go up a couple sets of stairs to reach the third floor. Like I say in the dream, I first had to go up one staircase and then turn to go up another which would then have me at the location of their apartment. I don't mention what I had to do to reach their door on this floor, but in reality I'd have to walk to the center of the third floor as this is where they live.

Thirdly, we have the man named "Bob". As I've said, my stepfather's name is not "Bob". Legally his name isn't even three letters long, but he has gone by a three letter long shortened version of his name for much of his life and more importantly my mother would ALWAYS refer to him by this if a question was asked which required giving his name.

Lastly, regarding the golf arcade machine, I make it sound like this arcade machine is in a room off of the kitchen so that makes it sound like "Bob" owns these arcade machines. My stepfather doesn't actually own any arcade machines, as far as I know, but he does hold a high up position in a golf company based out of California. There are many things in their apartment that have to do with golf because of this. This is actually the main reason why they're living in California.

As far as I know, everything else I mention has no relation to their current situation. I speak of a fence and a backyard. There really is no "backyard" as behind the apartment there's only a hillside with trees. There might be a fence there, but I'm unsure. There is a gate out front which residents open with a remote. This is to keep people from parking in the parking area who don't live there. This gate sort of looks like a fence, but I really don't think any of this "fence" or "backyard" talk has much significance, that is, unless I'm seeing a very distant future where everything makes sense.

Remember, what you read was exactly what I wrote down as I awoke from the dream on that morning. At that time my memory of what the dream consisted of was very clear. I feel there are just too many coincidences to brush this off as just being a dream and nothing more. What do you think?
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posted on Oct, 28 2013 @ 06:04 PM
Anyone else experience something like this? Maybe even more bizarre?

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 12:20 PM

I feel there are just too many coincidences to brush this off as just being a dream and nothing more. What do you think?

First of all, it doesn't matter what we think, what matters is how YOU feel about it. I say 'feel' because dreams are not rational nor linear and extremely personal, thinking about them., analyzing, means nothing.

So, what do you say, did you see the future or did your dream (partially) come true?

I have years worth of my documented dreams. Sometimes this happens and i don't see it as weird anymore. Just accept it as a fun, little glitch in the matrix.

This exact thing is why i am now 100% convinced a deja-vu is just a dream we dreamt some time ago. I have written proof but it's my proof, mine, and i don't need you to believe.

posted on Oct, 29 2013 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by Exitt

I found today that there is a fence behind the apartment complex which runs along the back of its entirety. If you climbed over the fence you would then be in an area which one could call a "backyard". There's grass and patios for residents living on ground level.

There is actually a low angle ramp which you can access from the front. It leads up to the second floor.

Just to the right of this ramp is another pathway which leads into the ground level apartments. This pathway has a small amount of stairs which leads down. You don't go down too far so as I say in my dream, there was a path to my right which you had to walk down a couple stairs which led into a room, but directly in front of me was a hall and to the left of the hall was a ramp going up at a low angle. When I speak of the "hall" I could be seeing the pathway leading down to ground level and if this is the case the ramp would be to the left of the "hall". They are situated side by side, one leading down, the other leading up.

The only other option to get to the second or third floor when you're on ground level is to go to either of the two front corners and go up stairs. People on the second floor can only access the third floor from these corner staircases. The ramp only leads to the second floor from the sidewalk next to the parking lot.

I called my mother today and told her about all of this. She found it pretty strange. She seems to believe there's something more to all of this as I do. She called me back later and told me my stepfather claimed his all time favorite arcade games are actually Pac-man and a specific golf arcade game (I forget the name). I assume he made this claim after hearing about what I saw in my dream. Pac-man is a favorite for many people, but golf games require an uncommon interest. He certainly has this interest as he has to take part in gold outings all the time due to his job. You have to remember I had never heard of this man in March 2011. It was over a year before I even caught word of his existence.

My conclusion: There are WAY TOO MANY similarities to current day situations for this to be passed off nothing more than a dream I cooked up in my head by chance. I honestly believe I've witnessed the future or at least saw what is current day in an alternate universe....or something similar. There does exist something which someday will be understood that makes sense of all of this. I believe concepts such as dreaming, out of body experiences, astral projection, the spiritual world, hauntings, and others are all connected by something which as of current day we cannot understand %100.

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