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Jack is Back (HWC2013)

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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 07:24 AM
Jack pulled at his chains, impatient for his release. Had it been a year already? He knew it had. He was salivating at the thought of being let out. He had dreamed of this moment for years.

All the children on the street
All the souls for me to eat
All the screams that he would hear
All the terror and the fear

He bit down on his lower lip to cut it open. Slowly licking the blood away with his tongue, he thought about what he was going to do to them. Man had their time; they messed up, now it was his turn. Sure, he might keep a few as pets, something to have around when he got bored. But he had been locked up here so long, he knew he wouldn’t be able satisfy his hunger until most; if not all of them were gone.

“It’s my time now! I am to be set free! Come now, key master, come unlock my chains!” He couldn’t sit still; he was so full of anticipation. Pacing back and forth, squatting then standing again. “Set me free!” Frustration filled him and he pulled at his chains again, letting out a scream of rage.

The key master heard the scream and cowered in fear. He knew that the hour was at hand, but there was still hope. Hope that someone higher than him would change their mind. His job was simple, keep watch and unchain the beast if there was no word. For years he had listened to Jack scream and demand his release. Pulling on the chains and banging his head on the wall. Every year the key master would have to listen to his screams of rage and defiance when he wasn’t let out.

“I am going to rip out your heart out key master! You know it is my time! Release me!” Jack pulls on the chains in a rhythmic beat. Chanting as he does so.

“I need to eat, the souls are mine. Let me go, it is my time.” He pauses for a moment, a low level growl coming from his lips. “They had their chance, key master. They were given the world and they chose to destroy it. They could have chose your path, instead they chose mine; hate, greed and deception. Lies, oh how wonderful they chose lies; it is one of my favorites you know.” He starts to laugh, his head thrown back and his eyes aimed towards the heavens.

The key master worriedly looks at the stairs. The minutes were ticking down and the time was near. He hadn’t heard anything from the Watchers and there was only a few minutes left for them to give word. Would the Watchers really release Jack from his chains?

“Tick tock key master, the time is near! The Watchers won’t stop it this time, the humans deserve everything their gonna get and I have a lot to give!” Jack bangs his head against the wall until it bleeds. Blood dripping down his face and into his mouth, he licks at it, savoring the metallic taste as it touches his tongue.

Looking at the clock, the key master pulls his keys from his belt, slowly sorting through them until he finds the right one. The time had come and past, still no word. His head lowered in sadness, he walks towards the stairs slowly, still hoping to hear from the Watchers. Was there no good left in the world? Was this really the only way to cleanse Earth from the madness of man?

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he looks up at Jack and sees the madness in his eyes. Tears flowing down his face, he walks over and inserts the key into the lock, pausing a moment before he turns it.
Jack urinates on the floor, too excited to control himself. This was it; this was the beginning of the end for humanity. It was his time and he knew exactly how to spend it. The anticipation was overwhelming. Stupid key master, Jack couldn’t wait to feast on his heart. He knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself, even though the rules said he couldn’t harm him. Did he dare kill this man, so close to release?

The key master knew what was in Jacks eyes and smiled as he unlocked the chains. He knew Jack wouldn’t be able to resist killing him and that made it all the more bittersweet. The rule was clear, Jack couldn’t harm the key master upon his release, or he would be chained for another year. Not hearing from the Watchers was a great disappointment. But the key master could still save the human race. Hopefully they would do better this time; hopefully they would make good decisions and be the people that he knew they could be.

The key master takes a face of a key and cuts the inside of his wrist. The blood freely flowed and he knew Jack wouldn’t be able to resist. Jack pounces on the key master; it was only seconds before he holds the man’s heart high up in the air. Laughing softly, he leans down and whispers into the key master’s ear, blood dripping from his lips onto the man’s head as he does so. “I told you I would cut out your heart. I told you.”

Jack stands up and surveys his work. Smiling as he watches what’s left of the man’s life force fade from his eyes. Wiping his face off with his hand, he turns to leave the room, eager to start his reign of terror. He only made it three steps before he realized he was back in chains again. No, it couldn’t be, he was freed. Full of rage Jack starts to scream and yell at the body below him. Kicking and hitting, scratching and biting at the corpse on the floor. “Curse you key master! They weren’t worth it! They were never worth it! You’ll see, your death was for nothing! One more year and I’ll be free! One more year!”

Jack calms down and smiles as he realizes that what he said was true. The human race was on a downward spiral, they couldn’t be saved. One more year and unless something changed, it would be his time. They couldn’t change their evil ways in one year, could they?


posted on Oct, 30 2013 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by blend57

That was good. I enjoyed it. It was definitely creepy...
Good luck

edit on 30-10-2013 by natalia because: Added it was creepy

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: blend57

A Very Kool read! I liked this!! Syx.

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