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Italy Chooses To Expose NSA Snooping Itself

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 03:58 AM
Well, I guess they wanted to beat Greenwald to the punch. They went straight to the horses mouth (NSA) to question them on just what was gathered. Now what will be interesting to see, is if that "no one" was targeted in this general data collection like stated. I expect to see a Snowden leak coming up shortly if they have anything on Italy.

Google Translation

During the trip a few weeks ago in Washington, Italian parliamentarians have had confirmation that the information about phone calls, sms and email have been acquired by U.S. 007, as part of anti-terrorism. Officially, no prior request or subsequent communication has never been presented to the government led by Enrico Letta, nor the previous ones, as confirmed by the former president of Copasir and former Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema. But according to the Parliamentary Sel Claudio Fava "Services were aware of this practice." A statement that denies Stucchi: "In all the meetings we have had confirmation that the Government did not know of the program Prism. So to say that our services knew, when you do not even know the government is not correct. Fava gave his own interpretation. In the NSA headquarters told us that collected information on data traffic, but no one in Italy, that governments Prodi, Berlusconi, Monti and for a few months and then not even Letta services, was made aware of what they were doing ".

Metadata": even on this issue remains open. The official version supports the argument that collection covers only the phone numbers or e-mail address, identity of the owners, the duration of contacts. In fact, the suspicion is that, at least in cases deemed "sensitive" this acquisition went beyond the formalities. And in fact the same Stucchi finally admits: "It was possible that trawling interceptions made with the Prism program could have affected the indiscriminate Italian citizens, because we have been told that there are filters and measures to prevent that from happening when there are countries with whom there are bonds of friendship.

Google translate of Italian website
[Esplora il significato del termine: The thrust of the Supervisor of privacy to the government: ]"They're going protected personal data '

Some people in Italy accuse their government of knowing about this all along. This makes me wonder if perhaps they were aware. You know how rumors usually have some truth. Plus maybe this info was used for political reasons.

They discovered millions of Italians had actually been spied on by the NSA. Moreover, the Italian government and local spy agencies might have been aware of the monitoring network that started years ago.

“We have never had any evidence that this kind of monitoring might have involved political spying on Italian public figures. All our investigations into any such eventuality have proved negative,” a source from the Italian intelligence agency told the newspaper.

NSA Spied on Millions in Italy and the Government Knew About It

Is it safe at this point to assume the NSA snooped on everybody in the entire world?

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 05:35 AM


Is it safe at this point to assume the NSA snooped on everybody in the entire world?

The object behind the Zionist cabal's illegal NSA investigations and total intrusions by means of an overarching surveillance into the lives of every person in every nation of the world - stealing their personal and corporate information to be used against them and in favor of themselves - is to own them - to control them - to oppress them, and to ultimately subject all peoples of the world to bend to the will of the Zionist cabal who controls the NSA.

To define this Nazi police state activity as 'snooping' is woefully ignorant, and betrays a complete lack of knowledge and understanding as to the extent of your present condition as a prisoner of the Gestapo - of the Stasi State.

Ohhhhhhh Did you hear about Ed? He was caught "snooping" into my ex-wifes underwear drawer - my, my, whatever shall we do?

snoop - To pry into the private affairs of others, especially by prowling about.
n. One who snoops.

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 04:40 PM
Well it looks like we have hit paydirt. Speigel has some very.... Interesting.... photos for you to see. They are graphs and organizational charts that outline how many phonecalls and other communications were interepted in a 1 month period from all countries!


Spiegel - you will want to see this!
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