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Huge GMO News

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posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 03:28 AM
This week has not been the best for different GMO companies, considering the decisions made in Mexico and Hawaii, but this might be even better news for anti-GMO people

But perhaps the biggest bombshell of all is now unfolding in Washington state. The mail-in ballot state's voters are already weighing in on Initiative 522, which would mandate the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Knowing full well that 93 percent of the American public supports GMO labeling, and that if one state passes it, many others are likely to follow, entrenched agribusiness interests are pulling out all the stops to try to squelch yet another state labeling effort.

This time, however, things aren't going quite as planned. On Wednesday, Washington state Attorney General Bob Feguson filed a lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The GMA, a lobby for the junk food industry, has been by far the largest donor to efforts to defeat the labeling initiative. The lawsuit alleges that the GMA illegally collected and spent more than $7 million while shielding the identity of its contributors.

The source of the money has now been exposed, and it turns out to be Pepsico, Coca-Cola, NestleUSA, General Mills and a few other junk food companies. The lawsuit reveals that GMA leadership held a series of secret meetings to plot how to perpetrate a money laundering scheme and illegally hide member donations from Washington state voters, in direct violation of campaign disclosure laws.

Unlike the junk food companies that feared consumer backlash, Monsanto hasn't even bothered to hide the more than $4 million the company has given to the "no" campaign. In fact, GMA, Monsanto and a handful of other corporate donors have now broken a state record by pouring more than $17 million into their effort to stop Washington's GMO labeling ballot initiative.

All this label fighting and money laundering leads to some very significant questions. Why are Monsanto and the junk food industry willing to spend many tens of millions of dollars every year trying to keep you in the dark about your food? What doesn't big food want you to know? And what are they afraid might happen if you did?

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Round here GM-s are already highly regulated. To be honest, I have nothing against research on GMs as alternative in case of future issues, for example climate change. Although how it is done currently is simply absurd in my eyes. The agressive marketing, lobby-work, hiding, misleading information. If your product is good enough, you do not need all that, people will buy. If all the GM was for the good of people, there would not be so much "suspicious" action. At least for me, it seems like it is all about profits...

Food is vital for every person, yet it seems as the company do not care at all, whether their products are something worth eating or not, as long as the money keeps coming in. I have no doubt there would many companies who would actually poison people, if it was profitable enough, as long as on paper everything is legal, which usually happens when the finances set to lobbywork reach some amount. No moral values, just money - it´s sad. When money becomes more important some people than the lives of people, who make their profits, there is something seriously wrong with them. Some might call it capitalism, I call it inhumane.

posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 07:00 PM
You know, if these big food corporate rats, spend all that money in research and education programs to prove once and for all that GMO food is safe then there would be no issue with food labelling.

But then again, maybe they know something we don't and will go to any lengths to hide it.....

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