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Concerned/Curious about thread closure re: news item discussing an open letter to the US Gov't

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 01:42 PM
To ATS Staff:

After just posting in a number of threads how much I love this place, I guess this was bound to happen...

When I logged on this morning I saw the following thread:


I was mildly curious so I clicked on it and saw that the OP had posted a link and excerpt to a letter supposedly written by an ex-member of our armed forces voicing his extreme displeasure at the way things are being handled by our gov't during this shutdown and what he planned to do about it.

I was extremely surprised to find that after only 8 replies (and about 30 minutes), a mod posted that the thread was temporarily closed for staff review stating:

Given the nature of material being discussed, borderline sedition, the staff needs to take the time to review.

Thank you for your consideration while it is being discussed by the staff.

I am not faulting the mod for this action as I am sure he/she felt they were doing what was expected of them here.

However, the members were not discussing sedition and there was actually no vitriol whatsoever. And what has me extremely worried and concerned is that it appears we are not allowed to discuss a news item about a topic that is directly related to current events?!? Is the mere discussion of a news item regarding sedition a violation of the T&C here? What if a large group of dissidents in China decided to try and affect some changes there and one of them posted a similar letter here in order to educate and inform ATS members? Is that off-limits? Or is it only a violation if the info affects certain countries?

If this is simply a case of pulling the trigger too quickly, I understand. The staff/mods have a difficult job here and often have to walk a fine line. If that's the case - no worries, I'm sure the thread will be re-opened and ATS members can do what they do best - get to the bottom of this story and see if it's real or just more political nonsense.

I certainly hope that's the case. I would hate to have to wonder what else we can't discuss in our quest to "Deny Ignorance"...

Thanks for listening and I look forward to your response.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 01:54 PM
The thread is still currently under review.

Staff to do not discuss board decisions pertaining to closures or other staff actions on the main boards.

I've alerted this thread to staff as part of the review, please use the Complaint feature for any further requests or concerns regarding staff decisions.




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