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trying to match up UFO+ET sighting

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 04:57 AM
greetings to all you UFO buffs out there. ages ago my brother had an encounter with a UFO, along with a relatively close encounter with a being of some sorts, possibly from that UFO. we cannot seem to remember the date it happened, probably because no one ever believes something like that when you tell them about it, so we just ended up letting it slide over the years. however, as of recent times i've been wondering if there were any other similar reports of it that night considering the circumstances. i believe there must have been someone else who saw it. i've tried looking it up on several UFO databases but could not find anything at all that relates to it. so, i was wondering if anyone on ATS might be able to help out in narrowing it all down, to any other reports on the internet, or via news sources that i may not be aware of. here are the details of the encounter, with location, rough time estimate, etc.

Date: Between Jan '01 and Jul '01, roughly between 9pm - 11pm.
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia (QLD)
Additional Info: From the hill where the point cartwright lighthouse sits. It over looks the coast that stretches from Mooloolaba to Mt. Coolum.

Brief Report of the Encounter:

Over looking the coast, my brother noticed a strange light moving around Mt. Coolum. At first this was taken to be just a plane of some sorts, since a small airport is near by in that area. This thought was dismissed when its movement became irradict and unpredictable (things like pulsating lights, and the cease of movement in mid air). This went on for a few minutes until it flashed and disappeared. In that instant, a quick bright flash (to that of daylight) came from slope down to the left of where he stood near the lighthouse. By looking down, a glowing figure that seemed somewhat humanoid, was running up at him from the bottom of the hill. In panic he hopped on his bike and sped back down the path, which was the other way, without looking back. Within half an hour after that, my other brother and I went back with him after he returned, with only nothing to be found (as usual).

Things to note: Mt. Coolum is about 20kms from where he was standing. So somehow, this thing managed to notice that he could see it, and in an instant appear under 100 meters to his side. That is just insanely precise and fast.

Any help would be great. I'll be posting pics that view the coast, and the slope when I get my scanner working. For anymore info just U2U me, or simply post here.

dfh out.

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