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Barrett Brown In Prison Since 2012 But Evidence Gathered is ALL From 2013 W/ Connection to Hastings

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posted on Sep, 20 2013 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by ShadellacZumbrum

Just found the missing piece to the story. A person who was quoted in a news story just linked things together for me. Seems this does go pretty deep what happened there. It all started years ago when a company named Analex Corporation ran by Sterling Phillips was sold to QinetiQ North America. Seems before Sterling Phillips left because he was no longer needed because QinetiQ North America had there own CEO to run things. A bug was released into the systems at Analex Corporation that allowed spying and secret data to be sent out around the world. China was blamed for the hack. And two companies were called in to find the bug in the system. Terramark and HB Gary. HB Gary said the bugs were in every computer at the place and it was worse then anybody even wanted to admit. HB Gary even started putting software on each computer to find the bugs and get rid of it. They said they got it and left. Few weeks later they got called back. The bug is back worse then ever. They came in and started going computer to computer to find the bug. And found out that employees were deleting the software they were installing. They install software walk away and IT comes along and delets it. Complaints started.

What happens next is the crazy part. HB Gary then gets hacked by Anonymous. Barrett Brown gets dragged into the circle. He was the spokes man for Anonymous and had links to what was going on and who was doing it. Now for the crazy part two. Snowden and Alexis both had there security back grounds done by the same company. USIS. Guess who is running USIS? Go on guess!ANSWER

Now if that answer does not surprise you then how about HB Gary was sold to ManTech International. And this is the part that tied the circle together for me. Gopi Upreti was there near when the shootings started. The article says he works for Booz Allen but his Linked in account says he works for ManTech International Corporation. Says currently working for Technatomy Corporation looking for money laundering. And USIS is under investigation being which is ran by Phillip Sterling.

Terramark Report for QQ

Gopi Upreti

Story that quoted Gopi Upreti as being there.

Back Ground checks were done by same company. 2173-11e3-a358-1144dee636dd_story.html

Company That Vetted Aaron Alexis Is Under Criminal Investigation

Will this all come out in the end? Will Sterling Phillips tell what he knows of this spy network? Will the information come out on the fraud that has been committed? Will the information come out that shows how it all fits together in a spider web of spying by companies that have been at the heart of all this crap going on for years? Or will they continue to kill off people like Hastings who tries to tell the story?

posted on Sep, 20 2013 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

Reading the Guardian article...and particularly, the parts about Alexis' last few weeks or disturbing.
There are quite a few with very similar...uhhh...experiences, right here, on ATS.

To the point of your 'full circle'...
I'm not sure I get the connection with Gopi Upreti -- unless, you were simply drawing attention to "who" (what company/ies) were in the building where the shootings took place. And how strange that Alexis (who was apparently some kind of IT guy), who had been Security-Cleared by USIS...was shooting people that might be working for the same group/s that had previously dis'd the present CEO of USIS - Sterling Phillips - who seems to have been a part of the whole mess that got Barrett Brown (by virtue of his unofficial status as spokesperson for Anonymous) involved in the HB Gary the first place.

I will say that your back story is quite interesting.
I haven't read all of the articles you - haven't found information regarding how they knew that "the bug" had been released into the network at Analex' before Phillips left... But, if that information is in one of the articles (or - if you know where-else it might be found), could you please point it out...?

posted on Sep, 20 2013 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by WanDash

They keep calling it the comment crew hacking team. They say it is China cyber hackers. But it appears it is not China. The Comment Crew started in 2006 with there hacking.

Here is something that I have been looking into.

This organizations members are all the CEOs of those companies. McKinsey & Company is the key to saying it is China when it is tied to US intelligence agencies and there contractors. TencentQQ President worked at McKinsey & Company. TencentQQ is Chinas largest internet provider.

McKinsey & Company

Tencent QQ

LAU, Chi Ping (Martin Lau)

I am working on tracking down information on Arthur J. Samberg Pequot Capital Management who was banned by the SEC for spying on Microsoft. Pequot Capital Management closed and reopened under FirstMark Capital which Sterling Phillips worked at.

Sterling Phillips also worked at GTSI. GTSI was caught doing contracts for the government they were never supposed to do. Two employees were fired. Charles DeLeon and Scott Friedlander. Scott now runs Virginia Tech and Paragon. DeLeon now runs Triple Canopy.

GTSI Settlement Could Mark Crackdown on Contracting Abuses

Scott Friedlander

President and CEO at Paragon Technology Group
SERGE - Science Engineering Regional Growth Enterprise - Virginia Tech at Virginia Tech Science and Engineering Regional Growth Enterprise.

Charles DeLeon
Senior Director and Compliance Counsel, Government Contract and Regulatory Compliance at Triple Canopy

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posted on Sep, 20 2013 @ 10:22 PM

...They keep calling it the comment crew hacking team. They say it is China cyber hackers. But it appears it is not China. The Comment Crew started in 2006 with there hacking.

Hope I'm not taking this too far from path...but... In a way - you go - "So What?" ... China's hacking us. We're (the U.S. is) hacking China. We're (the U.S. is) hacking anyone and everyone we can.
But...if the U.S. government catches one or more "non-government-sanctioned" civilians...hacking into what the government...or its contractors...are doing -- IT'S PRISON TIME FOR YOU, BUDDY!
I am SOOOOOOO outraged!

You are so far ahead of me on ALL of this...that it will take a long time, just to get to where you are, today.

Here's something that really doesn't affect "the story"...but, is of interest to me...
I was contracted to a certain "major" U.S. oil and gas company a few years ago... They were spending money like water. Throwing top dollar at everything they laid their eyes on...but then...didn't have the money (cash) to "exploit" it... So - they went looking for dollars...and...found it, in China.
Then...within a couple/few years - they were still broke...and had to sell off HUGE chunks of what they had acquired with the Chinese unbelievable Chinese. was found that, "the Chinese" had been "hacking" into this company's (and others') emails and internal data steal information -- But -- have you heard anything from the DOJ about going after them?

Something is VERY WRONG with this picture!

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by ShadellacZumbrum

Is anyone-else bothered by the two-sides of the coin in this case?

Barrett Brown, by virtue of affiliation with Anonymous…and thus, the “gray-line” that Anonymous walks...must have considered “where he is now” as a potential consequence of his actions and said relations.

True – We (being those that want the secrets of our Constitution-trampling government brought to light) do not want the portals (of information) closed.
But – it is a part of the considered-risk of such activities.
If I choose to spill the beans on former employers or clients…I stand a/the chance of losing everything.
Are you willing to lose everything?
I have spilled the beans, before…and found myself in the middle of the kind of vortex I had never thought possible (for me).

V – For Vendetta” - - - - - - He knew the risk. And would not have cried about how badly he was being treated by TPTB…if he had been caught.
It would be great if such Hollywood (or other) storylines could be written into…or expected…in such endeavors --- but --- the odds are weighted heavily in the government’s (and/or big businesses’) favor.

So – my question to anyone who expresses concern for the plight of Barrett Brown, is – what would you suggest for his defense &/or plea &/or counter-suit (?)…?

Shadellac’ – if you consider this line of thought/reason/question derailing to the thread topic – please let me (or a Moderator – if too much time has passed to edit) know, and I will delete or…tone it down.

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