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we dont do enough to stop our own failure

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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 02:03 AM

please listen to this song, im not attempting to advertise for my favorite band here, but point out the prophetic art that they used for this album. The Rabbit holding the carrot represent the sexual desires of creatures, namely humans, and the negative impacts on a reality we could never understand because A: its hidden from us, B: it manipulates us secretly, C: They have a message for us. Ill start with pornography. Pornography is a mental disorder creator. The images we look at dont just stay in our minds because our thoughts can be projected. Now we are lifeforms with needs, so how do we cure the lonliness factors? How can we discipline our own lifeforms not to fall vicitim to lust, the most dangerous to this hidden reality. Whether we know it or not we are being guarded so that life can continue free. But this should not give us the excuse to become wicked in our thoughts or actions, confusing ourselves until we bring war and destruction through self deception or external deception.

Spirit realm contact is another. From the beginning we were ordered by what we call our creator to never sommunicate with this realm, yet some of us blatantly think they can have material gains or fleshly pleasures by asking for things from them. Namely i call these now..beings of ignorance. I refuse to use religious terms, as wi know that spells have been cast and word magic is being used and manipulated.

I will also confess that in my flight from hearing voices, i started to hear all manner of things. They may be part of a device, or they may be something bigger. Im not the only one. Ive read blog posts about people who talk to A.I. like voices that reveal truths to them, positive or negative beings, for me, i hear the controllers. They are upset with me for disconnecting myself improperly because when they get attracted to my thoughts, being a targetted individual, they cannot use correct communication with eachother while connected. And those stories about them "dialing" in to your thoughts, is partly true. Ive heard the phone call sound when new ones try to access my memory. Ive learned how these implants work to a degree. And those spreading them are fascist to a degree. They're not good. But they have knowledge. But its dangerous because they access something that when not properly connected to our memory cannot accurately discern what to say to us.

Ive been harrassed long enough, ive made enough of a mockery out of my remote harrassers, and found i have the ability to heal the situation by finding the right thing to do. I've asked for help in removing my implants and no one answers, probably for fear of retribution. My question is, how can we sit back and continually dope up and drug a populace of people who want to stop suffering under a cultish thumb of accusation and torchure?

the images above from this album are proof they had this planned long before it started happening to me. Im the rabbit looking at myself. Unable to find pleasure in a world, ive heard explsions that no one else hears, rumblings and low frequency sounds, and once went into a restaurant where the walls were vibrating but no one noticed. All these experiences are indicitive of the above images. Me the rabbit at first thinking im free to find pleasure, looking for love simultaneously, yet here comes destruction, i lose my desire, and wonder to myself. "why me"?
Because im a living a sign, to everyone else who thinks that freedom means being selfish, inconsiderate and ignorant of our connections to other things that are affected by our negative influences.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by truthermantwo

I would argue that human nature in its present form is a mental disorder.

Porn is the least of humanity's problems my friend. Maybe we should address the issues of mass genocide and religious intolerance before we start to blame all of our sexual proclivities and spiritual upheavals on pornography.

Just saying.

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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 10:29 AM
um.... ok...


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