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posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 03:37 PM

My heart has stopped for a moment

I thought ,I will die

a voice telling me

don't look back

a burning candle in a corner of the room

the only witness of my death

the only light to see

how a soul is fading

my last breath

a river in front of my eyes

of undiscovered sentiments

flowing always in the same way

where all the rivers flow

into the same sea

a sea of dreams

with millions of colors

reflecting in her waters

gathered rainbows

waltzing together

recurring memories

living in reveries

and me dying with a smile

of love on my face

embraced by angels light

lost in the dim of the night

kissed by a beautiful light

Oh ,I have died so many times

that I cannot remember,

so death it is nothing

but when sentiments die

I am afraid

that love cannot breathe no more

going in a void,never to be seen

never to dream....again


a death without dreams

is like living without life

a living dead

with no heart to stop from beating

to feel the feeling

writing those words here

my heart stopped for a moment

when the light of the candle has died

and I......

...with a smile on my face

looking eternally

into your eyes without sentiments

trying to understand

why love....never...ends.
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