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Communism Is Rife In Victoria BC Canada

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posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 05:51 AM

(In case anybody wanted to know how much of an inside job Occupy Wall Street was, here is an example that proves it is, be sure to check out the final video dubbed "militant minority")

Greg Renouf threw an article my way last week from Ben Isitt, it dates back to 2006, and focuses on the Janion building on Store Street in Victoria. Here is a juicy quote from his article:

The group has asked the city to create 50 more emergency shelter beds and to seize abandoned buildings downtown and convert them into affordable housing units.

It is interesting to note that the results of his pursuits, especially after obtaining a position of power where he could see his anti-poverty goal fulfilled, are that the Janion building will wind up being Agenda 21 micro-condos that are priced at an affordable $100,000 to $150,000. I guess there are some rather rich homeless people who are going to move into these broom closets eh?

Back in 2005, the Cool Aid Society estimated there were 700 homeless individuals on the streets of Victoria, according to this survey. According to, not only did this number from 2005 turn out to be referenced, the population today is actually estimated to be "closer to 2000".

I also had a look at the list of donors within the Cool Aid Society from their annual report, strange how Ben Isitt isn't on the list of individuals there, given that he is one of the more active (and thus probably better paid) city Councillors within our municipal government.

Here is a link to an "ad-hoc committee to end homelessnness". Here's a quote about it so that my readers do not have to do the digging (unless for verifying the truth of this article, FROM NOV 20th, 2006):

9. Ad-Hoc Committee to End Homelessnness Update - Next Mtg Nov 22nd
Thanks to everyone who put their name forward to represent the Ad-Hoc
Committee in meetings with the City. It's great to see so much
interest from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our Nov. 15th meeting
selected the following delegation:

Sharon Peter
Davin Ouimet
Craig Ballantyne
Ben Isitt
Christie Wall
Rose Henry

Building from our initial recommendations, the group brainstormed a
Briefing on Housing Strategy (below) to guide the delegation. Please
provide any feedback no later than 4:00PM, Thursday, Nov. 16, to allow
time for revisions in advance of the first meeting with the City.
The next Ad-Hoc Committee meeting is on Wednesday, Nov 22nd, at 7PM,
Silver Threads, 1740 Douglas at Herald. Our delegation will report
back on developments with City. Please attend and bring along 2 new
people and ideas on how to extend our Housing For All campaign to
other levels of government.
Thanks for your ongoing interest!

A few names here are very interesting! I recognize Rose Henry, but find I really don't have any issue with her, BUT, I noticed that Ben Isitt is there along with Davin Ouimet.

Davin Ouimet has been on this blog a few times already, and I will provide the examples below to demonstrate the character of the "poverty pimps" that seemingly exploit the cause of homelessness, after I show the most recent highlight:

(this video was paired up with THIS ARTICLE)

Here's a classic:

I see there are some interesting past associations, and you can tell an awful lot about a person by the friends and associates that they have.

Can you believe Mr. Isitt listened to this rant by Larry Wartel and had very little to say about it?

Let's not forget the proposal for changing the name of Victoria to Camosun. Wouldn't the COST for such a switchover be better spent actually helping the some now 2000 homeless on the street in Victoria? Roughly 50% of them are Indigenous, so, which do you think they'd prefer, a roof over their heads and some opportunity, or a new name for the city who's streets they are occupying?

Here is the podcast of his interview October 5th, 2012 on CFAX with Stephen Andrew.

Maybe that feelgood, active in civics, help people exterior is just that, a thin candy coating, covering something that doesn't really belong in our city hall? Have a look at this video dubbed "Militant Minority":

In case anybody wondered what Occupy was here in town, it was an attempt to make this "Militant Minority" happen, and in case people needed some sort of reasoning to figure out why city hall looked (for the most part) the other way in regards to Occupy and why City Hall has a policy of "Selective Enforcement" of laws/by-laws, let this article offer up enough of a scent for people to figure it all out for themselves.

And finally, just to be perfectly clear, I am part of those downtrodden masses, YOU ARE NOT, and PEOPLE like you Ben Isitt, do not represent me or my best interests, and I'm not the only person in town who would dare say such a thing!

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posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 06:54 AM
I notice tiny houses going up and for sale in other towns too, and immediately thought of agenda 21.

However any group that is attempting solutions and homes for the homeless is NOT COMMUNISTIC. They're righteous.

We're supposed to be seeing through all the programs of this world, and politics is a really big one. And wed the energies of Mother (equality, social justice, equalizing, not enslaving anyone or forcing people to work for elites because that is quite frankly illegal and criminal behavior!!!!!!!!!!) and the energies of Father, (freedom, sovereignity, problem solving, independence). The two need to be combined. We need to be better than the systems around us, and combine advanced caring equal systems with freedom and get rid of the fascist rule of law that is criminal as well, for many of our laws and bylaws are crimes against humanity. No one owns anyone, and can force a person to not grow a garden in their front yard, not erect a greenhouse on their property, not put their clothes on the clothes line. These things are communism, tyranny and fascism. its communism, tyranny and fascism to make it illegal for someone with land to not be able to erect homes for their children, to have rules against starting businesses in various areas. These things are not only fascism but they are put in place to control the work force and FUNNEL THEM into the slave jobs.

There are many illegal and unlawful legislations, acts, bills, bylaws, and so called laws.

I am far more left than any left wing democratic party, and far more conservative than any conservative party, in the true meaning of the word, not communistic though, nor fascist. Our governments are all that.
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