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Whistleblower Award 2013 - Glenn Greenwald's take on Edward Snowden and the NSA fallout...

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posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 05:08 AM
The two basic components of whistleblowing is discussed in the video...

The elimination of global privacy, and as I posted in another thread about government figures looking at the camera and basically saying, "nothing to see here move along" which has been proven to be totally false; thus the lies to cover-up their doings....But I do have a problem with compartmentalization to the point of while under oath to Congress "with a straight face " LYING.

Snowden knew what his actions would do to his future and his basic survival; yet he went ahead and exposed the whole/much of the NSA spying apparatus to the world...

The Government says he is a traitor.... Others say they wish there were more like him who squeal on any government that breaks it's own laws...Tis true a spy is shot in war time and yet is hailed a hero by those who funded him if he returns with the goods. One country's hero is an enemy of another nation state.

You have probably already decided where you stand on the whole issue..?... One of the guys who testified about Benghazi was on the news this morning and said his career has been going no where since his testimony...No surprise here.....

There is a very strong nurtured sense of being a team player when you work for the government....If you are not on our team then you need to be tackled or maybe worse?

I did not know such and award for Whistleblowing even existed.... An I can only assume the award and $5 will buy him (Snowden) a cup of coffee someplace?.. Was it worth it to him...Will it matter in 5 or 10 years when most have forgotten what he did..... yet the dogs that were set loose the moment he exposed their spying apparatus will still be hot on his heels, unless..... ?

I worked for a branch of NSA once upon a time and even back in the 70s on the otherside of the world we were able to listen to any transmissions in N.Y. City (or pretty much anyplace else in the world) in real time but we did not have any where near the storage capability that exist today . Never once did I consider what we were doing to be wrong for it was directed at enemies of the state which way back then was easily defined for us.

Now with the new definitions of who is a terrorist, which I doubt I have to go back over with, for the members of ATS; the whole process has been bastardly bastardized to the point of being unrecognizable form the original intent... IMO.... Governments are usually very good at protecting themselves and it would appear with the paranoia that has taken over our government after 9/11 the whole NSA spying debacle is a natural extension of the original program....Unfortunately almost anyone can become an enemy of the state, if not today, then at some future date.....?. See I can be paranoid too...

Anyway I thought the award and what Glenn had to say was worth my time of watching...

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