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How will the SHADOWS use their SNOWDEN card?

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posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 01:52 AM
Funny you know, but ive only seen 1 video from this "whistle blower" I think once you blow the whistle and you know there coming for you and you got nothing eles to lose,you may as well sink the ship all at once not just drip sink,tell the world everything in a vid your alredy a dead man,look at manning,to me snowden could be the new boogieman,every one across the globe knows his face its probably the most seen image of 2013 could it possible he will be blamed for the $crash, with a spike of all these hackers taking down ,this, that ,this, that I think somehow they will blame hackers for the dollar crash
just a thought because ive heard nothing from snowden
he must in his cave preparing the fire sale
not saying this will happen but where will mr snowden comeback into the picture?

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