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VOTE: Group Offers $100,000 Reward For Proof of Voter Fraud

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 05:56 PM
A not for profit organization is offering a reward for proof that the the presidential election votes were tampered with or incorrectly tabulated. The group is hopeful that the reward will create a movement which will question the security of electronic voting. You can donate to the fund using PayPal. If no one meets the criteria for the reward, all funds will be used to insure all future votes are through a countable paper trail.
By John Byrne | RAW STORY Editor
A non-profit music advocacy group is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone with evidence of voting fraud that could change the outcome of the presidential race, RAW STORY has learned.

The group, Justice Through Music, said that one of their major donors from Ohio had agreed to front the money for the award. Ohio was the battleground state that decided the 2004 election.

They are offering “at least a $100,000 reward to any person or persons who provide conclusive and verifiable evidence that the results of the 2004 presidential election were not correctly tabulated” if it would affect the electoral outcome.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This music group solicited and recieved $100,000 donation from a democrat to award to the person or group that can prove electronic voter fraud in the presidential elections. The information states, to receive the reward, the evidence provided must be sufficient to affect the outcome of the presidential race. Although on the surface they seem to care about the election getting overturned, it looks like they really could care less if the vote is overturned. They seem more focused on getting rid of the electronic vote as it would be extremely difficult to acctually come up with the evidence to overturn the vote, (and live).

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 06:42 PM
Would this also be paid if the "fraud" were found on democrats voting more than once? Illegally voting, Dead people voting? Vote tampering?
Vote buying? Illegal registrations?

I think not, look whether it is the Elephants or the Asses, all cheaters should be nailed.


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