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Judge Joe Brown: Drunken Rampage

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:05 PM
Sensational title. This is what Judge Brown went through

The wear and tear of so much commuting, along with the far greater financial compensation of the television show, eventually convinced Brown to resign his judicial position in 2000 and focus on his TV career.

Cutting to the chase, last month Brown recorded his final installment of the show, which was canceled by CBS, following the failure of Brown and the network to reach agreement on a financial package. CBS, citing lower ratings, wanted to cut Brown’s compensation, publicized by the network as $20 million annually, although Brown, complaining about “Hollywood trick economics, said he was actually only paid $5 million a year.


This video shows a drunk Jude Joe Brown.

This video is Mike Epps impersonating a drunk Jude Joe Brown.

I dig the guy. Although he may be considered a democrat. :/
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