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India Seeks to Abolish Hunger...By Making It Illegal To Let Someone Starve.

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 09:47 AM
In some ways, this is a remarkable venture---making it illegal to let anyone starve when the world is full of food. It is enlightened (and a long time in coming).

But, when you run it through any NWO scenarios, what does it imply? That a NWO will rescue people from hunger? That the NWO is a good thing? That the NWO is compassionate?

Or do you think this is outside of the NWO scheme?

India's Prime Minister is calling hunger and malnutrition "a national shame." She's calling on other countries to join her purpose:

ndia’s ruling party chief Sonia Gandhi urged lawmakers Monday to support a new 18-billion-dollar scheme to provide cheap food to the poor, saying it would help banish hunger from the country. After days of unruly scenes in parliament, MPs finally agreed Monday to debate the Food Security Bill — a flagship scheme of Gandhi’s Congress party. Gandhi told MPs to send a message to the world that India was ready to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described as a “national shame”.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by MRuss

This is yet another political agenda...

"This is a vote security bill not Food Security bill...," BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said during debate on the legislation in the Lok Sabha.

As usual, ideas and bills are thrown out there to appeal to people with absolutely no back up plan for how to make it work.

"What is adequate food? Is it going to be based on purchasing power, calorific value or nutrition?... You mention eligible households, why this 'tamasha' (drama). What if it is only single person. You (the government) should clarify whether one person will be classified as household," he said.

Besides, he questioned where the funds would come from for implementation of the bill.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by MRuss

An "18-billion-dollar scheme" is pretty trivial compared to the "banker bail-out scheme" which only perpetuates criminal behavior with lack of consequences.
People starving is not a result of the starving person's "criminality", as much as evil and greedy people may want you to believe that it is.
Anyway, I think that it is progress to realize that the true victims are powerless to be anything but victims, and it is up to those better off to recognize that these are human beings who have worth as human beings and that being truly human ourselves will not tolerate those to suffer through no fault of their own.
So this move will go a long ways towards properly placing the blame for why bad things exist in society (which should include everyone and not just the fortunate few).

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