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Decision Day Has Arrived : Schrödingers Doodle 12/8 [luna and moon VI ]

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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 06:23 AM
- this wont be a long thread ;
but trying to show the Context of the, seemingly, Unrelated things.
I am sorry if i wont go into details too much -that is not the goal here ;
neither i think the Context will "go against your sense of logic",
...since the Context is but "applýing the Reason in a different way" - not oppósing it or Denying it
allright ?
so please think with me -

Schrödingers Doodle , today - showing in most countries ; but Not in a Selected few

..we all know the cat experiment : the cat in the box can be both dead or alive.
We saw, by the previous Doodles, that the Kind of Doodle is being Picked, which is according to what is currently happening - metaphysically speaking.
That Erwin Schrödinger wás a metaphysical type, tells the next -

In his book What Is Life? Schrödinger addressed the problems of genetics, looking at the phenomenon of life from the point of view of physics. He paid great attention to the philosophical aspects of science, ancient and oriental philosophical concepts, ethics and religion.[2] He also wrote on philosophy and theoretical biology

source Wiki [ that source is fine for now] What is it, They try to show ?
first, its no coincidence about "the cat being in the box"....since the box - Cube - is Earth.
Next ; we saw the Cat is Ra , also called "Mau" :
"you are the great Cat, avengers of the Gods, Judge of worlds, Governer of the holy Circle precession] , you are the great Cat " - inscription in Valley of the Kings

...we also know, Osiris will rise opon Earth from Earths inside :
"the tunnels of the earth gave birth to Me"

for most people, Evil is not a reality in their poor opinion: schrödingers cat is dead.
...but for a minority, schrödingers cat is very much alive
point here : IT IS THE TIME TO SHOW

not enough..?
let me show you the next please -

Schrödinger's cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity (i.e. a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat

..did you read that well ?

- then we go to the Fukushima connection now...

[continued below]

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 06:55 AM

Astronomers say the 'Methuselah star' HD 140283 looks like it is 14.5 billion years old, which is impossible since that's older than the universe.

Let me return to the above, in a moment.
We saw, water has Crystalline properties ; it can store Memory, Emotion, Thoughtlines - and can be directed by Will. Water has very similar capabilities.
"Radioactivity" may be a serious Problem for ús, in our current physical bodies - and for much of present Nature surrounding us - but it *wont* be a problem, inside a Higher Dimension : since radioactivity simply indicates that the atoms are oscillating at a Higher Frequency, as those of our body, at present. fact, to Incréase the properties of Water, a slight Infusion of loose ions is causing a chainreaction in the Water itself ; like a slight Diluted infection. The water itsélf will not change : but the proton Spin within its core will be slightly increased, causing the water to can contain more [ Dimensional] Properties.

[now; to my shame i have to tell you, i have lost many of the sites, i looked at, concerning this whole topic ; first, because that was 3 years ago [and so many other themes came up since] ; and right now i dont have the Mind, nor memory anymore to provide sites, who for example show the interaction between ions and protons onto water, or sites who showed amazing Strings of Polyhedra combinations of Water, when water is oscillating in higher Frequency. I apologize for the Lack - please find these connections yourself, if you d care ] we have an, on Purpose, created Situation with that plant ;
having had enough Time, by now, to Dilute most of earths oceans ;
- what is the next step ?

Ignition of the Water.
- not by 'bombs', 'lightning' or 'comets' - but Cosmic rays
in fact, something even higher then Cosmic rays we are aware of
..perhaps the term "Consciousness" would be more appropriate for this "blue Light"

*grin* yes i know what you think..... - i ll need to phrase things very carefully now..

[continued below]

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by Lone12
We saw, water has Crystalline properties ; it can store Memory, Emotion, Thoughtlines - and can be directed by Will.

No, we have not seen that at all. Care to back that silly claim up with some evidence....

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 07:16 AM

estimates differ ; but 13000 + sattelites orbiting Earth, should come close.
No thinking man will believe, that this amount of mechanical sattelites, orbiting at different altitudes, is necessary for "weather monitoring" , communication, or whatever "monitoring" comes up in your thoughts now.... right.

- there are more then 34 million [!] references to the following:

Title: Stability studies of quartz crystals for satellites

The results of an investigation of ultra heavy Galactic cosmic ray nuclei (Z=50-92) in meteoritic olivine crystals are presented.
"Fireworks in space ISS-LiveCam 05.04.2011 Feuerwerk im All "
this vid came out, after a Cosmic Ray Hoover was installed at the ISS [queen Isis]

...what happens when crystals get Bombarded with cosmic rays..?
- they emit Blue and Red laser-like beams

the vid is unclear - sorry - but this s an impression ; what is the point of all these ?

[last post below]

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 07:23 AM

Originally posted by Lone12
but 13000 + sattelites orbiting Earth, should come close.

Wrong again, there are only about 1071 operational satellites at the moment....

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 07:46 AM

the egyptian - falsely so called "flower of Life" had originally 1 outer ring ; depicting that the flower had not been Completed, at that time in history. There is anóther concept, showing the same concept, named "metatrons Cube"; which was álso "unfinished" at that time - but is the Completed, Tesseract Consciousness, by now.
Both intent to represent the Earth, being dab in the middle of this Dimension : since that is what the flower of life represents : Osiris' coming Dimension.

now it aint real hard
to imagine, in above picture, the Sattelites orbiting earth ; forming the Nodes of this "flower".
..and if you remember, how stellated Polyhedra are formed by adding a number of nodes to a Platonic - then the entire Grid has been put onto place by now.

- first an Energetic Framework has to be put in place, in order for the Ethereal Energy, to can Fill it. And the compléxity of the kind of Polyhedron, defines how High Dimension it can contain within.
This is the Polyhedron, the sattelites have formed ; the Energetic Framework. if Water was 'conscious', alréady [ referring to the German researchers, who discovered the Rhine water had different aspects at the NorthSea as in Switzerland] , the water will be able to Hold even móre consciousness
[read: to can Contain projected emotions and thoughts]

- because thát is what the "flower of life" is about :
the word "life" does Not imply Réal Life,
but "projected emotions and thought and memory".
Projected by whom..?
right - that same one who will come out of Schrödingers Box.

...the Mayans taught the Blue kachina - which they Never intended to show else but as "Spiritual entity", "Consciousness" ; being Quatzlcoatl [ which is Thoth - the very same who is Buddha in the East, White Bison Girl for Am.Natives, Metatron as per the Cube, etc] , is the One who will Ignite the Flower

...that the "star, older then the universe is found" [ which is a Lie, made up by "science"] , is to show that this Star is the one what will Ignite this new Dimension - the kachina - since " ...the Morningstars cheered when God created the cosmos" : showing here, whó that "star older then the universe" really is.

...that was it , for now

we must be on the right track
Please ponder the context i tried to put in words..... - just know that Time is Up..not cause *i* say so
but because Théy show you

as always, thank you for reading


posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by hellobruce

Originally posted by Lone12
We saw, water has Crystalline properties ; it can store Memory, Emotion, Thoughtlines - and can be directed by Will.

No, we have not seen that at all. Care to back that silly claim up with some evidence....

No, bruce.

- because i said why i wont ; and you can find that back in previous I - V
Im glad you try shoot holes - as your "Official declaration of the numbers of sattelites" ; but they are really not damaging the context.
...there was an interesting James Bond movie, starring Brosnan, about a "sattelite, filled with diamonds, setting the Earth on fire". Those clues i trust móre then "official statements".

best wishes, thanks for stopping by
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posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 07:58 AM

Originally posted by Lone12
...there was an interesting James Bond movie, starring Brosnan, about a "sattelite, filled with diamonds, setting the Earth on fire".

Oh dear oh dear, "I saw it in a movie so it must be true" - and a James Bond movie at that!

Also it had Sean Connery, not Pierce Brosnan

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 11:17 AM
Someone sent this to quote to me from a meditation book. he saw a metaphor regarding a shipwreck laiden with explosives that could blow at anythime.

I saw what you see.

And so I stand, deep within this cavern, gazing out across the lagoon that reflects no stars. Here in this sunken palace, Inferno smoulders beneath the waters. Soon it will burst into flames. And when it does, nothing on earth will be able to stop it


posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by hellobruce

why are you always so antagonistic? is it fun for you to nitpick what you see as an easy target, just to run interesting and plausible ideas off course. why are you afraid of new ideas? you represent the worst personality type in the scientific community.... you are no help at all.

water molecules will be naturally (spontaneously) assembled into water clusters [*20] inside of the tubes surface (20H2O→[H2O]20), according to screw symmetry of 13 protofilaments (Fig. 2a). Inside of the water clusters [*20] there is an empty space, and a quantum vacuum symmetry breaking approach to information processing of the wave function may be used. Inside of the microtubule and water cluster [*20], tube currents of very low intensity (10-100 nA) may appear. Weak photo emission is generated and electromagnetic field coupling

image and text are from:

Koruga, D. (1995). Information physics: In search of a scientific basis of consciousness. In D. Koruga and D. Rakovic (eds.), Consciousness: Scientific challenge of the 21st century (pp. 243-261). Belgrade, Serbia: European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the United Nations University for Peace.

more info on water clusters:

magic number water clusters

water clusters abstract

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 12:24 AM
I am sorry, could you please condense all this into a single understandable statement?

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 02:59 AM
link What is it, They try to show ? first, its no coincidence about "the cat being in the box"....since the box - Cube - is Earth. Next ; we saw the Cat is Ra , also called "Mau" : "you are the great Cat, avengers of the Gods, Judge of worlds, Governer of the holy Circle precession] , you are the great Cat " - inscription in Valley of the Kings
reply to post by Lone12

excellent thread again... thankyou

though, frighteningly true and very soon to become The Only Reality for millions of souls

It is no pleasant task you have, to be the "bearer of bad news"

This morning, I lay down for a rest, after a most difficult 24 hours.

I was just drifting to sleep, when I had a most vivid and strange experience.The entire inside of my head was filled with a huge, beastly eye. As this happened, I felt specifically, what can best be described, as another dimension opening up was most evil, cold and merciless ..I would best describe the soul being totally cut off from Heaven, from all sweetness...from genuine feelings... like real love, real joy....something like the sphere of George Orwell's 1984...a monotonous, colourless and chrome like was incredibly eerie

after that, I had a series of visions....which were actually confirmation of this thread and on this specific topic, which I have come to understand well.

I'm grateful for all your hard work

bless kindly

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 11:02 AM
.. i need to tell you something else, please -
about the thousands of years old [metaphysical] Border, between East and West, being removed : Now

i woke with a dream, this morning,
- i was on my way on the road to East, driving a van and large trailer, and on top of the latter a huge construction elevator. But the road got so small, then tiny steel beams across a huge open steel container - and all started to slip and van, trailer, me, everything fell into that container
... then somehow i got out - and a guy was waving me to quickly come : his truck was waiting for us to continue - a huge Russian gorgious monstertruck , with that construction machine inside it, an army battle truck, with numerous lights, and a howling, growling engine ready to go

- i had in 10 years many, many, many dreams about "East and West" ,
but always had the same theme: an endless string of young Russian males waiting to enter an orthodox church.... or miles of trucks waiting for that border - trucks, filled with food... - the theme being, that Evils HQ was in the East - as it has always been - and It would NOT let the people in the East get free

...this is the first, the first time, in all those years,
a dream told about [some] people being READY, in the East [the dream presented it as 'Russia']
and just in time

...this is about the Main Two Attributes - Males and Female's
or West and East
or the Northern Kingdom Israel and Judah
or Isis and Nephytys [ Osiris' two Queens]
or Horus' Moon Eye and Sun Eye

all denote the same thing

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posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 11:28 AM
There is nothing new, but it's going to happen/is happening to more people now than ever....

From wiki..

Dantes inferno....

Inferno (Italian for "Hell") is the first part of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. It is followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. It is an allegory telling of the journey of Dante through Hell, guided by the Roman poet Virgil. In the poem, Hell is depicted as nine circles of suffering located within the Earth. Allegorically, the Divine Comedy represents the journey of the soul towards God, with the Inferno describing the recognition and rejection of sin.[1]

Fear would not be the right way to look at it. In my opinion. Minds need to be right, as that's where you could go. I see a black hole for some reason.....


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posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 11:42 AM
- please do see,
that His male and female represent the West and the East

..that Evil is right now trying to invade the West with his Eastern [based] Kundalini, and so to let Its present Dualism merge into a "Oneness" [ = the impending Dimension] , is a mockery , a mimick.

at the Fall,
Evil imprisoned Male Authority, and Feminine Love into " two females"
"two types of females"
Perhaps a way of putting it, is that "female is the specific Attribute hersélf ; represents it" ,
while male " is the Authority over that specific Attribute" .
...and that makes complete Sense : since Female was created inside Male.

Evil imprisoned the 2 main Attributes in 2 types of females ;
while ruling Male, himsélf : so that Male, ruled by him, would Supress his ówn female -
and therefore remain imprisoned, himsélf
....and we ve seen this devious tactic work several 1000 years now..

Hence the, at first sight, strange concept of "Osiris and his Two Queens", [ instead of one] ,
the first queen, Isis, represents Male Rule Attribute, and therefore Isis constantly Spells males heads ;
..the 2nd queen, Nephytys, is the "sad, silent one", denoting females sorrow over her causing the Fall,
and therefore Nephytys is the Attribute of Female
...these 2 protect Osiris [ = Evils Rule ] , and help him to rule agáin.

.. now it becomes clear, why the Split occurred between the Southern and Northern Kingdom -
judah and israel -
because Israel [ and that has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with the present little country] sceptre of Rule is hidden in....Damascus - since that sceptre is "the Gate to the new Eden" [ look it up] : Males Rule

[ so now you see whý they started that 'conflict' there...? to let people - especially christians - wait for the "destruction of damascus" of Isaiah....- but by that desire destroying their OWN chance to eden !!!! ]

..the ruler of damascus was/is Ammon...... a partner in crime of Moabs/indias Chemesh/Ganesha
and ammon started the Catholic Church
right : in the WEST : since the West was the territory of Male, remember ?

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 03:53 PM
cropcircle 13 august 2013

source :

please see
the double triangle, covering Earth ánd Earths stratosphere [ since the points stick a bit out earths shell]
- triangle = Fire ( Dimension)
- the combined Moon and Sun Eye in earths centre = Completed Dualism
- around Earth the gyroscopic Rings of this cosmos
...note, how the axis mundi, pointing to the precession, is a bit Off [!]

and the "bell" shaped thing right under the Precession ;
implying, that lightEnergy is coming from the center North, but is being falsely Mirrored by each Ring

also today :
showing the Grid around Earth is CLOSED now
[sorry i cant show the pic but only the link]

...and the proof, it IS about the crystalGrid,
from a few days ago:

...where you see the Cube - though deformed, Spelled -
and the same Grid around Earth as in todays cropcircle
receiving its energy from the axis mundi [ = the connection to the Precession]

if you d go search back the many Cropcircles, with this key, they all tell the same thing to you

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 04:12 PM
related to above cropcircles -

..two? weeks ago i dreamed
that "fallen ones lined up in an inverted V- parabole over Earth " ,
with the tip of the parabole at the Precession

and the reason they did that, "to Break the Light that was shining upon Earth, coming from Precession"
- i didnt understand the dream
now, the cropcircle shows the same : the lightEnergy, coming from the precession, is being Deformed, Misaligned, several times even, over several Rings, before it is arriving to Earth

concretely : it is this Deformed light, which causes us to believe and see the modern universe.

the [channeled !] talking about " the centre of our galaxy will emit light, which will give us the New age", you know, the mayan dark rift theories etc,
then you see that "coming from the centre of our galaxy" is a Lie
lies within Lies

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 04:22 PM

the lightEnergy, coming from the precession, is being Deformed, Misaligned, several times even, over several Rings, before it is arriving to Earth

Yes. And when souls go back out again. The matrix.

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posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 02:02 AM
- i made a bet , over a bottle of wine, with my friend who started the "Nasa finds oldest Methusalah star"


A NEW STAR IN THE SKY: Around the world, amateur astronomers are turning their telescopes toward minor constellation Delphinus where a new star has appeared. Koichi Itagaki of Yamagata, Japan, discovered the nova on August 14th. At the time, the stellar brightness was +6.3. Since then it has continued to brighten, possibly crossing the 6th magnitude threshold of naked-eye visibility.

..dont worry : the nova will keep growing

Delphinus and Dolphin comes from Greek delphis, genitive delphinos, 'dolphin', whence Greek delphus, womb, referring to its shape, Sanskrit garbha, womb

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posted on Aug, 18 2013 @ 01:56 AM

3, 4 days now, everything got completely Sealed Off again
last evening horrible Brow

...woke just ago with a dream -

..someone of ATS had posted a pic of a beautiful, beautiful young woman, a queen ,
the pic was upfront, untill her breasts ; pretty long curls , tiara, mysterious eyes

.. i posted ' please give me the name of that prettyness ? "
- and then another poster responded with a large pic [ which certainly d violate T&C ] ,
two pinup girls, very superficially resembling that queen,
but every detail of them was so ugly, i was horrified, too large teeths, too skinny cheek, strawlike curls, etc

i understood, after waking, the queen was Isis
having the power of Spell to appear like a Beauty to male

but in truth - 'she' is an ugly entity

part of the two main attributes of osiris, his ' two beautiful ladies'

lions gate has started...the 16th...

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