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Aliens and Love[AAC]

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 03:30 PM

I guess we might have many species of aliens on Earth.In fact they may be guests of some governments.

We do not realy know how many types there are but few of them can be described.

The first type is a beautiful midget green species with small oblong heads.

Being a very advanced species they are interconected through their minds,and thoughts.

This is why their mating habits happens twice a year,like when the budget is discussed and the second time when approved.

They gather in big numbers in a room,where on the sounds of beautiful music they are barefoot and their feet begin glowing a beautiful green light.

Because their mating features are their feet.

And on the rhythm of the music they begin to stepping up each other on their feet.

Beautiful sounds can be heard,the sounds of love,

Ouch,oops,of ,uh,erm,meh, on.

something like here,

Another interesting species ,is the tall one with eyes like a snail, and big ears.

Their mating habits are very interesting because when they fell in love their snail's eyes begin to glow red,and in the sounds of slow beautiful music the flexible horns enter in the ear of the partner.

In a way in which you cannot understand who is who and why is who.

Oh,what a sensation must be ,to see inside while making love.

The third known species is the tall one with big strong hands and very small heads.

They are hetero, and their sensitive hands meet in the night, because palms are what help them to make love.

Beautiful words can be heard while this process is taking place.

Well I guess there many many other species of which we don't know about ,capable of so much love.


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