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The Worlds End *Spoiler Alert!*

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 07:30 AM
Ok I'll try not to ruin the film for those who haven't seen it yet, but I wasn't sure whether to put this in the conspiracy section or the movie one.

I'm not sure if many of you will have seen it (or will see it) seeing as its a British comedy, but if you get the chance give it a watch and you may see what I mean. This film came out about a month ago and I've seen it twice now at the cinema and I can't help but feel that this film has some form of occult message running throughout it.

Basically its about five old school friends returning to their home town whereby they find that the town has been taken over by alien robots who systematically go to planets and create a better world by brainwashing the global population so that their culture fits in with the galactic neighbourhood.

Long story short, the main character played by Simon Pegg is a # up alcoholic who wears an eye of horus necklace throughout the movie. He has nothing, no family, no house, still drives the same car from 20 years ago. To most he seems like the ultimate loser. However, he see's himself as being the only one of the group who still has his freedom, despite being a # up as he doesn't have to answer to a wife or join society.

It turns out the robots are systematically making humans more robot like through technology (smart phones and the internet etc) and that they plan on killing a large percentage of the planet to be turned into fertiliser to bring back biodiversity.

In the end Simon Pegg convinces the robots that humans don't want to be told what to do, that we can make our decisions as a species and that basically what makes us human at all is our complete misdirection and freedom. As a result, the robots leave earth, and as a result all the technology that we have stops working and puts us all back to an age before computers.

Now this might seem a bit far fetched for me to say this has occult meanings, but I think it ties in with the Age of Horus.

The character played by Simon Pegg is an adult of 40 years old who never grew up, he is like a child. Add to this the fact that he has the Horus necklace and it amounts to him being the personication of the Age of Horus. He wants freedom and fun and for us all to find our own way in life based on what is our own individual wills.

The robots represent the on-going assimilation of us all into this hive mind where no one thinks for themselves and all we ever do is mimic what we read and accept as truth through the media and our smartphones. Technology is at the moment in many ways making us slaves without us realising it - we are becoming the robots.

The fact that the hive-mind could bring us into the galactic community is not important, if we lose what it is to be human in the first place.

In the end, the main character played by Simon Pegg seems to be on some sort of mission. The freedom granted to him in the anarchy of the new world without technology and rules see's him go sober for the first time. He seems to have a mission, he has shaved and looks like for once he knows what he should be doing.

The last pub he goes in he asks for a pint of water in a pub called 'The Rising Sun'. Again that could correspond to the rise of a new age, but also corresponds to Horus being the Son of the Sun.

I could be mad myself, perhaps jumping to conclusions, but for me the coincidences there are big. This seems to me a tale of the forces of individuality (Age of Horus,the Crowning child) on one side, and the increasing mind-slavery enforced on us on a daily basis which could be arguably the tail end of the Age of Osiris (Age of Osiris being the age of the Father, of discipline and masculine control of society.)

In any case, I'd love to get anyone's feedback on this one. Its nice to know I'm not going completely bad # insane having read too many occult books.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 09:09 AM
Hey man, you're not crazy for seeing it. It really IS there, in many many books, comic books, plays, even the news has occult ritual signals nowadays. In sci-fi, everything is occult based, which is nothing more than saying a perversion of the Bible. A couple of things make it difficult to parse out, namely that the elites are divided into white magic and black magic and each one mimics the other one when they are ritually allowed (ie when the Bible doesn't expressly say something is explicitly so).

2ndly, Revelation goes in repeated patterns, so it is difficult to say which story is applicable to the Dec. 2013 timeframe, the April 2014 timeframe or Sept. 2016/ Sept 2017 timeframe or the 2020 timeframe.

In general terms, Scientology seems to be the propaganda wing of the Illuminati. Here's a bit of Scientology doctrine.

Incident II is over 36 days long. Capture on other planets was weeks or months before the implant. Those on Teegeeack (Earth) were just blown up except for Loyal officers who were (shortly before the explosion on Earth) rounded up. Do not scan through the duration of 36 days.

The volcanic explosion on Earth to the point where "the pilot" says he is mocking it up is only a few days.
Sequence of Incident II for thetans on another planet - Capture (being shot), freezing, transport to Teegeeack (sometimes via a relay point), being placed near a volcano, beginning implant up to "the pilot", various picture sequences, the 7s and C.C. and OT II materials, 36 days of picture implants which give a vast array of materials and three explanations for the bombing, transport to Hawaii or Las Palmas for packaging up into clusters.

The pictures contain God, the Devil, angels, space opera, theaters, helicopters, a constant spinning, a spinning dancer, trains and various scenes very like modern England. You name it, it's in this implant we call in its entirely "R6"- if one was a Loyal Officer on Teegeeack, the sequence was (1) capture (2) number 5 above on. If one was a citizen of Teegeeack there was only number 5 on. The material given at the various "volcanos' was longer or shorter, but dovetailed into the same sequence of pictures. We have the whole text but it is needless. People who feel dizzy have gotten into the spinning part. Incident I occurred about 4 quadrillion years ago plus or minus. it is very much earlier than Incident II which occurred only 75 million years ago (a bit less). Incident II is only peculiar and general on this planet and nearby stars, whereas Incident I is to be found on all thetans.

I'm fairly sure the "R6" implant is synonymous with Project Bluebeam (which in itself is not the bottom of the rabbithole, I don't think.) (which means there will be 36 days of some strange stuff). (Also note that there is a volcano going off which refers to the Cumbre Vieja going active/ located at the aforementioned Las Palmas location) propaganda of Cumbre Vieja sending massive tsunami out:

So, it says there are 3 explanations for the bombings. (which in occult/ Bible speak means the fall of Babylon, people are confused as to what the hell just happened and their unity is gone, splitting into 3 factions.) One of these explanations would be the Worlds End scenario of aliens, one explanation would be time travelling AI robots, and the last one would be God. So when Simon/ eye of Horus is rebelling, he is rebelling against God, too (to make people hate God, they make Him out to be an evil alien or robot).

Well, I'm sure that was way more than you wanted, but this stuff morbidly fascinates me. It really is everywhere: the Superman movie is about the 4 horsemen (Superman is Christ, the 3 villians are the antichrist/ war (the one with the eye wound), famine/ the false prophet that leads Russia/ Iran/ Egypt, and lastly Death, Satan/ Jezebel.) Elysium is the New Jerusalem where the "spiritual elite" live in "heaven"/ outer space and the people rise up to overthrow "God"(Satan/ Jezebel/ Jodie Foster) and "his people" (same idea as the Death Star, making the saints out to be space Nazis, Darth Vader is Christ/ Cyrus, king of Persia that builds the temple). It's in TV shows like Dr. Who, True Blood, Community, and too many to list off. I just assume from the outset when I watch something that it is prepping people for some occult purpose, and sure enough the symbology is all there.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by Wyrdnews

Hollywood movies have been helping to shape our present and they plan to reshape our future as well..Some movies have a very obvious agenda while the others do it more subliminally and symbolically...In some countries there are college courses one can take to understand these symbols better and to analyze the reasons behind producing such films.

posted on Aug, 29 2013 @ 04:30 PM
Apologies for not replying to this one, I forgot about this thread.

I've still been thinking about the meaning of this film, I can't seem to shake the feeling that this film is very indicative of what society is going through right now, regardless to how deep you want to take the context.

The film was co-written by Simon Pegg the main actor, and I just saw an interesting interview.

I don't know what to think to be honest. One half of me thinks this may be something a bit odd, and the other half is telling me maybe I'm being a tad neurotic.

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