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A rude awakening

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 06:43 AM
Public school is more about society control and modeling you into a perfect citizen than education - and brainwashing is used to achieve this goal. Our rulers know that man is no more than an animal if not kept under strict control. Read up on the works of Niccolò Machiavelli like The Prince to see how your rulers may think and plot against you.

Reciting a phrase again and again is an old brainwashing technique, often combined with a repetitive body motion to enhance the effect. What has been known from ancient times is that one can program the human brain just by reciting something repeatedly. Just like these poor kids in the video below being brainwashed by the teachers of their religion - at some schools the Quran is taught in a way that enables brainwashing/programming to take place. I agree that this video is more extreme than kids being forced into reciting a pledge to their your country every morning, or forced to repeat the content of a book until it sticks in their minds, but I think that the general point I'm trying to make is still a valid one:

Public school is about programming the brains of citizens from an early stage by rewarding those people that can recite the taught curriculum exactly, and by punishing them that don't program so easily by giving them lower grades. By doing so, the rulers make sure that only the most brainwashed citizens make it to powerful and responsible positions, and the ones that they can't program are left to take on menial jobs and tasks in their lives so that they have little to no chance of disturbing the established authorities power base.

I'm sorry for the rude awakening. I finish the post with a quote from Max Weber:

Authority is power accepted as legitimate by those subjected to it.

Don't be weak, be strong!


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posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 07:11 PM
Brainwashing is everywhere. The media do it all the time to promote products for company advertising campaigns. Say the product 3 times, showing people happy when using the product. Associating one thing with another is how hypnotists and human programmers trigger a required action/response. We are all just human robots or Pavlov's dogs.

It might be better to put a better subject in the title to tell us what this thread is about. Many people do not open to find out and your title is too general and meaningless.

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