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Dolphins granted personhood by government of India

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:34 PM
link india/

Dolphins have been granted “non-human personhood” status by the government of India, making India the first nation in the world to recognize the unique intelligence and self-awareness of the cetacean order (a class of aquatic mammals). The decision was announced by India’s Minister of the Environment and Forests which also outlawed captive dolphin shows. The ministry added that dolphins “should have their own specific rights.” (SOURCE)

I wonder who will be the first to marry one of these people.
I was surprised by how the article puts dolphins on such a high pedestal above humans. I'm all for their protection but these rules are made to steer in some direction and i'm not sure where. a-0/
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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by deadeyedick

I think it's awesome that there are some out there willing to drop their ego and begin to see things as they are.

There is no mistake these "creatures" have a social order closer to us then many could possibly imagine. It's understood that dolphins address one another by name, share in songs and can recognize the whistle of a friend 20 years later.

I posted this with my old profile.

It's a video of a dolphin seeking out a human for help. The courage it must have took to muster up the will to ask a human for help knowing full well it could be its last decision.
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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 07:53 PM
Not that I dispute the reasoning behind such a move, i do have to call into question whether this is remotely true.

I cannot find any reference online to the Central Animal Authority, India, nor can I find this announcement on any news site other than "fringe" ones who all link back to Pravda, a known "questionable" source.

When I look on the Indian Ministry of the Environment and Forests website, I can see no reference to this announcement either. Here is their website

In short, it seems to be a bit dubious, this "announcement"...

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by deadeyedick

meh, they also treat cows as holy. It's their country, they can believe what ever silly # they want. India has a lot of potential that is kept restrained by their backward societal pressures. By all rights they should be leaders in the world. They had a huge lead they squandered with an inept society. That's just my opinion though.


posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by deadeyedick

That infowars link is awful. I'm quite ready to accept dolphins as non-human persons, but that was an atrocious article. They were fine to give Pravda as a source, but there was no source to give any amount of credibility to their claims that vaccines contain mercury, and that human babies are "brain-damaged" (go read the article for the reference, there's no need to quote it directly here)

So, the OP is rather intriguing, but I would like to know if you've read any other sources that can confirm this potentially wonderous development.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 06:14 AM
Dolphins as non-human persons

So, I continued searching, I found an article (see above), which has a copy of the actual policy on the dolphins.

The top half is an article, the bottom half is the policy, and, this is the key paragraph that has been misinterpretted

Whereas cetaceans in general are highly intelligent and sensitive, and various scientists who have researched dolphin behavior have suggested that the unusually high intelligence; as compared to other animals means that dolphin should be seen as “non-human persons” and as such should have their own specific rights and is morally unacceptable to keep them captive for entertainment purpose,

It states that they should be seen as non-human persons, but still not certain that they are non-human persons under the policy, just that dolphins may not be used in dolphinariums and other such dolphin exploitation.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 08:49 AM
Yeah, I think Dolphins should have rights. They are intelligent as are other sea mammals and some fish. I do know we have to eat but still should treat our food humanely while it is alive.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 10:36 AM
We should be treating all of our precious life forms with the up most delicacy... same as each and every one of us deserve!

All Living Things are a part of the chain or circle of life and we all exist together on this wonderful planet called Earth.

Earth... who mothers us with such a beautiful passion. We all have a place here. We don't have to give any other life form "rights"... all lifeforms are born or come into existence and have a place here whether we want to realize it or not.

I see the good intentions behind this grant of "person-hood" but it also reminds me of the atrociousness that something like this has to be done... that someone feels there is a need to do this.


posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 05:25 PM
Lets see how this goes.
maybe just maybe the aliens will see US at worthy of contacting us and calling us fellow beings?

if Only we did not have so many Evil sick humans.

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 06:10 PM
Yep lets make cetaceans etc people. Then that killer whale that killed its keeper can be tried for manslaughter right?

And if I swim with a dolphin and it pokes me in the groin - thats sexual assault isnt it? Who do I sue?

And of course ultimately any Dolphin eating fish without a permit in a nations sovereign waters is a thief and can be locked up.....

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 07:30 PM
(puts down steak knife and begins to type)
I think most if not all species having survived this far in evolution should be given special status,Which is more intelligent? the animal that kills it's host or or the one that lives and thrives with it?
They may not pass the iQ test but I can assure you if they have maintained and adapted with there environment, they are doing a better job than we have.

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posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 08:05 PM
The Ganges river dolphin is now on the endangered species list and has recently been declared India's national aquatic animal. The reason for its elevated importance can be traced back to Indian mythological roots.

Glad Pravda scooped the story, getting tired of reading about Snowdens Russian sanctuary.

posted on Aug, 11 2013 @ 11:24 PM
Can't wait to see the P.O.V. dolphin porn...

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by deadeyedick

Has any one let the Dolphins know, and if so what was their response. Did any one ask if that was ok with them, maybe they might not want to be associated with us.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by InvasiveProbing
Can't wait to see the P.O.V. dolphin porn...

Well, it's possible.
I heard they are very horny and even love to rape ( humans or fellow dolphins )

Maybe Bollywood has a porn branch ?

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 08:10 AM
So it begins

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 08:11 AM

Dolphins granted personhood by government of India

It's one thing to respect all lifeforms and their right to existence in the way nature intended. It's quite another to burden them with being... um, human.

Not exactly something they would want, I shouldn't think.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 08:19 AM
I'd rather grant Dolphins personhood over fictitious corporate entities.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by UltraMind

Too right. How long before they become employees for the major corps, then we can tax them too.

posted on Aug, 12 2013 @ 09:45 AM
I see the same sentiment all over the place:

"I know we need to eat, but at least we don't need to torture the animals first..."

How about another alternative? If you actually care about animals and the probability that they have awareness, and can experience pain, then why eat animals at all? It's utterly unnecessary from a nutritional point of view, even detrimental according to many studies.

Stop being hypocritical, and put your money where your mouths are, you so-called animal lovers

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