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Common point

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posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 03:42 PM
"The common point is the point where all the points belonging to different vectors will meet after reorientating in space and time ,concurring with different facts of the same happening."

You may ask yourself why this crisis doesn't end.

Because the common point was not reached yet.

Even if it might look that all the points belonging to different vectors are at the moment where they converge to the same point ,we are far from it.

The threat of different major things like wars or natural disasters are just the tip of the iceberg and they belong to the same axis although it might not look they are.

The high level of poverty and the lack of solutions make the common point to look very far,but in the same time he may be closer than we could believe.

For some, the vectors are just dead ends,while for others the same vectors look like distant lights which cannot be reached.

For less than 1 percent the common point do not even exist,because they don't want to...see it.

But this 1 percent will be the one who will be in this amalgam preexistential chaotic molecular agitation.

The reorientation of all different points belonging to different vectors cannot be done without certain events which cannot be dismantled from their static orbit,therefore it will be like childbirth.

The scream will be heard from many places,before it will become one voice who will just sing,beautiful songs.

This one voice can rebuilt the future,in a very long and prosper era,where in a very long time,again,points will be gathered on different vectors reorientating them in time and space to the same Common Point.

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