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NSA and Intelligence Operational Code Names

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 02:28 PM
Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

I hope we're all enjoying the latest game of 'whack-an-agency'. The agencies themselves just make it too tempting to ever consider saying no. They truly do. Add the level of personal animosity they are building like a dam holding a big creek and it's bound to get downright interesting over time. There is sure no signs of slowing on the rush of information.

So, it came that I found this list which someone has spent a good deal of time putting together in their own research efforts for the Intelligence Community. It's a list of Code Words/Operational Names for the programs and efforts within US Intelligence to spy on you, me and basically all 7 billion humans currently sharing our oxygen. After all, there might be ONE oxygen thief among the billions. So, they all must be watched!

Among the information here?

Current intelligence lingo associated with these programs include:

Dial Number Recognition (DNR)
Digital Network Intelligence (DNI)
Geospatial Metadata Analysis (GMA)
SIGINT Geospatial Analysis (SGA)
SIGINT Terminal Guidance (STG)

Oh, and some of those names... Not all have defined purpose next to them, but quite a few do.




AIGHANDLER: Geolocation analysis



GOSSAMER: Geospatial analysis

GROWLER: Geospatial analysis

HERCULES: CIA terrorism database

HIGHTIDE/SKYWRITER: Desktop dashboard

Source: William M. Arkin Online
(Note: I rarely source blogs like this. I don't know the blog or the guy running it. I can say I recognize a couple names in that list he has which I've never seen outside of documents that came in....unconventional ways, to state that carefully. So...It's certainly worth a look and perhaps save for the future, IMO)

The list of names is quite extensive. While no single "word" is sensitive? I would bet money that asking questions in the wrong places with some of those woud get real quick notice by folks no one wants noticed by. I believe it stands as a list of reference and hence, the forum I chose. When we're looking at documents and leaks? Everything helps for the effort to vet and cross reference information to make sense.

Public 1 / NSA 0

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