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The beauty of earth collection -> Sunrises / Sunsets / Clouds / Nature / etc

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posted on Aug, 4 2013 @ 06:30 AM
Hey folks.... I have been meaning to post this for a while , so hey ... here it is.

I am a true lover of beauty on this planet and i am always looking to extend my horizons.

And as i am sure many fellow ATS'ers are also.

What i am looking to bring to the community in this thread is to allow all members, or soon to be members, the chance of uploading photography or video media which they have personally made , and wish to showcase to the rest of the community, not for promotional purposes, but for the joy of sharing positive experiences.

This will bring positivity throughout in respect of sharing good thoughts and energy with one another.

And before we start.... as this threads T's & C's go .... No name calling , or negative judging... lets keep them all as positive additions please..

What my main idea consists of is sharing "The beauty of earth collection -> Sunrise / Sunset / Clouds / Nature / etc" A collection of thought inducing imagery of beauty locations, events and other significance which hold a positive grasp over you in one positive way or another...

It could be where you loved going as a younster with friends, family or alone...
Where you go to chill out and be at peace...
Where there is a landscape of significance..
Where the views are spectacular...

Basically... Somewhere you have noticed the beauty of a location in some way , shape , or form...

I dont want to be pushing guidelines , as not every rule covers every individuals idea of beauty in nature.

To begin.... I will bring some video and photographic imagery i finally completed last night and i wish to share for others to enjoy..

They consist of 2 sunset timelapse videos to begin..

Soon to be followed by... iced out landscapes... and other significant visuals i have experienced...

Please only post 1 or 2 photos or videos to begin with , to allow all members a chance at posting before the thread gets jam packed with say for example dozens of imagery from one single member.

I hope you enjoy watching my timelapse visuals as much as i had creating them...

And also I look forward to viewing all members posts...

Let keep this nice and positive....

And without further ado..

I present the opening of

"The beauty of earth collection -> Sunrises / Sunsets / Clouds / Nature / etc"


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