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just putting this one thing on,..... goverment facility?

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 09:10 AM
this website and all the websites connected to it are shut down, here is the info

8/2/13 Secret underground base entrance in Western Kansas?

I recieved some interesting and exciting information today. I got a phone call from an old
friend, who we’ll call Mike. He’s currently investigating the underground military base rumor.
If you haven’t read into underground military bases such as Dulce, New Mexico—the basic idea
is that there is an underground world, right beneath our feet in the United States. It spans
across the whole nation, and has many secret entrances across the homeland (allegedly Area
51, Dulce NM, and many entrances across Colorado and the midwest–rural areas without a lot
of people). Supposedly, the base has many different levels dug deep into the ground, where
extraterrestrial beings and high members of our military and government (or possibly members
of an even higher­up, world government–New World Order) exchange technology, perform
cruel genetic experiments involving both humans and all sorts of animals, and form war
strategy for a potential interplanetary war.
Read more about the Dulce base and other underground bases here.
Anyways, my friend is investigating possible locations for secret entrances to this underground
world. He is currently in Western Kansas, and has found some pretty peculiar and shady
information. The town that he’s in a small farming community—a rural town with a population
of around 150 people. The people there keep to themselves and the majority of the people
there are senior citizens—old farmers in a nutshell.
What caught Mike’s eye about the town when passing through was an old, run­down factory.
The factory was apparently still in use, because there were numerous ”Restricted Area” and
other such signs. There was also a chain link fence topped with barbed wired. He continued to
the next town and rented a hotel room, as there weren’t any hotels in the small town with the
After talking to a number of the small town’s residents, he found some very intriguing
information about the factory. Here’s the scoop on the factory: it had been used many years
ago for building prosthetic limbs, but was shut down. About 20 years later, in 2004, the factory
was bought by a new company—a company that repairs old busses. The new company
immediately put up a chain link fence, topped with barbed wire fence, and covered with “No
Tresspassing” signs, and even one that goes as far as to say “Survivors will be Prosecuted.”
But why? Why does a bus­repair company need such extreme security measures, for a town
consisting of 150 (for the most part) senior citizens? What is it that they don’t want people to
see? Mike got even more curious.
Mike asked residents if they had seen or noticed anything strange about the company or
factory, and got some very interesting answers.
The residents all seemed to notice the same things:
Nobody is ever seen working at the factory. The business is fully operational, and has a number
of employees on the payroll. One woman, who lives close to the factory, said that the only time
she’s ever seen anyone there at all was late at night when she was awakened by her dog
barking, and saw one single man at the factory.
When the company first came to town, there were probably about 15 or 20 men who applied for
a job at the factory. None of them were hired. The workers are supposedly shuttled in from out
of town, although nobody in the whole town has seen any workers shuttled it—or at all for that
But, it gets stranger. After hearing more about the strange factory, Mike decided to delve a
little bit deeper. He spoke to the town’s mayor about the factory. The mayor told him that the
company had made a contract with the small town after being rejected by another small town
nearby. He was also told that they would soon be building an airplane runway, and had
purchased many, many acres of farmland from local farmers. The company now owned a whole
region of Kansas country side.
Why the hell would a giant runway be built out in the middle of nowhere? And why did they
need all that farmland? They supposedly fix busses, although there’s no evidence of this, and
now they own many acres of empty farmland. And why is it that the other small town had
rejected the contract? A big company with a factory would usually be a blessing to a small town
like these ones, and it would be difficult to turn down such a great economic opportunity. They
must have seen something wrong with the picture…
But it doesn’t end there. It’s only just begun.
Mike decided to get up close and personal with the facility. He got his digital camera, polaroid
camera, and camera­phone, and parked about 500 yards from the facility. He walked up to the
facility and started snapping pictures with all three cameras from outside the fence.
Within minutes, a tan colored Chevy Blazer with a kayak strapped to the top of it turned down
the dirt road and headed toward Mike. The obvious ploblem with the vehicle having a kayak
strapped to it, is that western Kansas is a region with only minor streams not anywhere near
big enough for kayaking. The blazer pulled up to Mike, and to his surprise, the two men in the
Blazer were wearing black suits and dark sunglasses, and looking very sharp. The Blazer and
kayak were obviously just a cover vehicle—one with some obvious issues.
The two men comfiscated Mike’s digital and polaroid cameras and photos. But, they didn’t take
his camera phone, so he came out with a few pictures, though they’re not of great quality. The
men asked Mike what he had seen, and he acted as if he was oblivious to the secret scheme,
pretending to be a photographer. They knew he wasn’t a photograher, and told him to turn
around and walk to his car. If he were to come any closer to the facility, he would be
He complied, turned around, and walked to his car. He didn’t want to mess around anymore. He
was done digging. He wasn’t going to get any closer to the facility.

i did not write this article
it came from www.alien...­ (not going to bother to link because it is down)

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by jtruth
this website and all the websites connected to it are shut down, here is the info

it came from www.alien...­ (not going to bother to link because it is down)

On the other hand, there's a whole thread about it from way back in 2007 that hasnt been shut down.
If TPTB are censoring things, they arent doing a very good job, since I found it with a simple google search.

Edit - after reading that whole thread (and it turns out the small town is Jennings), and after reading the research that other users did on the topic back then, turns out this story is empty. Nothing in it.

edit on 2-8-2013 by alfa1 because: (no reason given)

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 01:27 PM
Uh I missed the introduction part and this story is old and debunked.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 05:18 AM
reply to post by jtruth

Hey, jtruth! I've been looking everywhere for you!

I made you a special cup of coffee. Now come on back with me. These nice people don't need to hear all our secrets.

posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 05:02 PM


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