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United People - have you had enough yet?

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 06:53 AM
This thread is a response to all the brutality our 'servers and protectors' are comiting against us, the people. Also this thread in general is to stand on its own to prove a point and give people the 'push' they need to take initiative in their lives to bring change and ultimately bring an end to this era.

Obviously this thread and my not-so spoken words, is not going to bring the 'Clark Kent' out within all of you. But I hope it will open your eyes to how you are easily brought into a type-hypnotic state when it comes to living day-in-day-out.

To begin; each and everyone of us is observering these brutalistic crimes by the police force and the government.. If we arent observing it, we are hearing or learning about it via friends, tv, internet or other sources. These acts of evil are only ment to bring FEAR into the mind, which ultimately stops one's WILL from being used to do what is morally right.

With that said, I think its time for people to get off the internet for good - and invest more time in the 'real' world, engaging in making a change. Hearing and observing such evil acts, is not doing anything when it needs to stop.

The government has everyone occupied, everyone SEPERATED, everyone's WILL numbed. This is why they have the advantage. They are actually taking action, they are engaging and operating within the 'real' world, 'making moves'.

We (the great people) have protests, and share facebook posts...

Its clear who will win that 'battle' in the real world no?

What is holding YOU back from living your ONE life, going within the community you are apart of, and taking action?

Are you just waiting for World War 3 to kick off, so you can tell your family "I told you so!" ? Are you waiting on the next updated thread of Nibiru, waiting for confirmation on aliens? So you can tell everyone "I told you thye are real!" ?

Its childish by now! How long have YOU been coming to the same sites? How frequent? How much has it REALLY done for you, and changed your life for the better? I bet not as much as operating with your community/people to show the tyrants you are more then an internet-robot.

I know you all feel it, you all want to go out, work with one another, and change things. But your short attention span always occupys you from taking your WILL and going out 'there' and doing something about it! By that I mean; when you see a new thread about Obama, "UFO", Snowden, Zimmerman etc.. You put so much attention and energy into it. Or the latest 'Beiber' hit, or Hollywood movie, or sporting event.

What do those things do FOR YOU besides give you another reason sit down and stare at a screen like a mosquito tricked by the light?


And a lot of you mock protesters and those sweet human people who are at least TRYING to make a change. But when you sit at your computer and talk about them or ridicule them - you DEFEAT YOUR OWN PURPOSE! Those ar real people like you and me, engaging in the 'real world' to try and make SOMETHING happen. The more people, the better the odds.

But you would rather sit down, and look at pictures of them... Instead of joining YOUR people, and helping out your species.

The fact is; when WW3 kicks off, it only means the end of the agenda for the NWO. And by then its too late to take initiative. Cities will be detroyed, hundreds of millions wil be dead, and your little internet will be of no use. We already can SEE what the elite bloodlines are doing in terms of control over the people. America is a huge example; police becoming military behaving like every other person is a terrorist, comitting terrorist attacks on its own people (Boston, 9/11, Colorado's "black knight"..etc).

Its sick, and it will ONLY get sicker! The evil is spreading as THEY (the controllers) have pretty much all military, police, security brainwashed into 'assault-robots' who will hurt or kill anyone of their own species if they are given the "go". Its sick as F*.

We are ALL tired of it, we cant stand seeing thsi evil and sick-robotic destruction. These police, military, security are not even HUMAN anymore! It seems as if their minds have been shut down and they just "take orders". Is that not close enough to the definition of a robot?

I think we ALL have spent too much time on the internet over the years, we have forgotten how to take control of our own lives and do whats MORALLY right for ourselves, and our neighboors, and even the people we dont know. When we look at other people as strangers, potential criminals, or killers.. We are just putting down ourselves, by allowing false judgment to prevent us from coming to together and doing the RIGHT THING.

What is going on in the world today is FAR from morally right. Far from what WE as a human species of this planet Earth, WANT TO SEE HAPPENING. The only people that want this; seperation, ,division, destruction, attacks, numb and dumb people, wars, high taxes, and more laws... Are the contollers and their puppets.

I do not believe anyone reading this now, wants anything within that list to exist in their community, city, or country. The world is not as big as people think. Nor is your city.

So it should not take the "end of the world" or a world war 3 event to take place for you to FINALLY get up and take initiative, and engage with your species, to come as a collective and make the CHANGE we want to see. Each one of you can play the role in messin' up the elite-game-plan on Earth. That is a whole lot more important and meaningful then the next snowden update, or terror-police-act.

We need to put an end to this. No ONE man is going to save you or your country or your people. No Ron Paul, Snowden, Assange, or Jesus Christ is going to fix this evil-orchastration. The ONLY person who can do it, is YOU. Each an every one of US. Turn "You >> into >> Us" and that is the difference this Humanity needs TODAY.

Dont be shy, afriad, or doubt yourself when it comes to engaging with people you dont know. We ALL want the same thing. But we need eachother to make it happen.

Dont allow the fear and doubt become your arch-nemesis. Become the part of you that halts yourself from doing what you KNOW is morally correct. This planet suffers, this human-species suffers, because the LACK of care for one-another. Evil has spread its tentacles globally, and its been going on for too long.

Are you not sick and tired of hearing about people getting killed for no reason? Is it not enough for you, that that you are losing more and more rights every year? That you believe you are free but free is 'dumb' in society (free-dom).

People HAVE to stop looking at themselves as a product of a Nation. A Nation is only an idea of a land governed by a specific people. And those people are above the rest within that land.
Dont allow a flag represent who and what you stand for. YOU are HUMAN, from EARTH. So is everyone breathing the same air.

For Americans, stop percieving your land as 'united states' .. And start seeing it through "United People of America". You see how powerful that transition can be? Only if you take initiative.

Most people on this site think they are so smart and better then the next person - why dont you use that mentality to go out and show what you can DO. Just talking to much wont so much. Sometimes being intelligent isnt always how much you know - its knowing to do the right thing when its needed most.

Thank you for coming this far. My heart hopes to see the day of United People.
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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 07:48 AM
And your doing what in the real world to oppose the evil done by the regime ?


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