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World without electricity

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posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 01:03 PM
...and without internet of course.


"The following is a parody and should be treated as such."

I was thinking how the world would look without internet,because of a permanent long term outage.

But I think ATS would survive.

If all the members will gather in one place and build their own small town.

More than 200,000 people gathered in the same place,on a large field where they do,guess what ....threads.

Only in a primitive way.

Using notebooks and pencils with eraser.Each member will wrote his thread on a notebook and the title will be posted on a huge table with a magnetic placard to be seen by others.

Color boards will tell in whose forum belongs the thread.Each member will have the possibility to come and write in the notebook his(her) replay.

If the thread is not appropriate and is breaking the T&C then a mod will come and tear sheets of notebook that thread.

An off topic post will be a day free work in the cafeteria.

An extreme T&C violation ,a day cleaning the toilets.

Manners and decorum , a week to make beds in the bedroom of which the member is belonging of.

Oh the members will wear blue lighted clothes,and they will live in a common room with 10 beds and shared bathroom.

The Mods will have 2 bedrooms apartment and will be dressed in green,while the supermods,4 bedroom vila and dressed in red.

The admins will live in the mayor castle,and they will be the only one to wear pink dress with red dots.

Only the mayor will wear white clothes.

Top members will live for the period as top members in one bedroom appartment .

Well,when a Mod wants to applaud a member will come near to him and he will be cheering for one minute by clapping their hands,after which will be given a cookie to the member on which is written "Do not reply to this cookie".

The member will have the obligation to eat the cookie at once under the indulgent eye of the Mod.

Will be also postal mail,each day from the new members will be chosen mailmen who will deliver written messages an piece of paper to other members or mods and viceversa.

Also will have spell checkers chosen from the smartest members by rotation who will spell check texts when a member will need to.

Everything will be done by lifting up a placard by members where is written either spell checker or mailbox.

A banned member will have all the notebooks confiscated as well as the pencils,and and under the scowl of the other members will be led to the exit of the city, as the crowd will scan "Troll".

Of course that member have to keep eyes down ashamed all the time.

While new members will be welcomed,and first thing they will be led to the city bank,where they will deposit their savings and in exchange they will be given five stars and ten flags made of cardboard.

Of course no one will tell them anything about any T&C punishments.

They will be amazed by showing them the city.

Because there will still be the flag and star system,only the stars and flags will be made of cardboard.

Each member who wants to flag and or star a thread will go to the member with the thread or the post(s) he she likes and will give a star or and a flag to that member.

Each month will be a common meeting on a large field with all the staff and members,a meeting where the mayor will present the state of the community.The members will not be allowed to applaud the speech of the mayor because that is something reserved only to the staff.

They only will be allowed to say "Hmmm,hmmm or uh,oh."

They will be splited in two,males side on left,females side on the right.

The speech will begin something like this "Dear citizens,fellow members.We have gathered here today to give you only good news.This was a good month, left 150 members and 200 new members have come.This is why I have decided to buy 2000 lbs of cardboard to make more stars and flags.

Also to prove that I am still one of yours I have decided that one night a month I will sleep in one of your common bedrooms,while that member can sleep in my castle.Of course I will choose one of your womens that night.

Male crowd ,left sided 'Hmmm,hmmm',female crowd right sided,'uh,oh,uh,oh',while the mods wearing dark glasses will look around for someone not to dare protesting.

Also we will have a new forum intitulated 'You thought wrong',with the content,'You thought wrong that everything is for you,because everything is for me'."

Well the question it is if you think such a city is viable.


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