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Tunisian Unrest - Again

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:10 PM
It has been reported that another moderate muslim politician, Mohamed Brahmi, has been assasinated in Tunis.

I dont want to speculate that strict Islamic followers were behind the murder to try and stop the modernisation of the religion, I am sure that the religion of peace would never do that.

However, I find it interesting that lots of the people in Tunisia and Egypt who have tasted the modernisation of society are now standing up and saying no, we will not be dragged back into the middle ages, we want a more moderate muslim religion that allows us to respect our religion but also give us our rights.

I am really hopefull that this spreads and the radicals find fewer and fewer places to settle.

To the people of Tunisia - I hope you win the fight and take this set back seriously as a challenge to your human rights, an illegal attempt to silence you, stand up and be heard.

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