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Greetings. A Roswell theory to begin.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by abe froman

The original quote was, "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer," which was changed on the following day. They had Marcel pose in front of some balloon debris and retract his statements. How do you explain this? It all gets traced back to Roger Ramey, who was said to be (by all of his officers) a flunky, for all intents and purposes.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:20 PM
I should also add that several officers stationed at RAAF came forward in the years before their deaths to discuss the debris which they picked up. One was Earl Fulford who described the exact debris or "memory metal" that Jesse Marcel spoke about. He also testified that several days before the "cleanup" took place, he and several colleagues witnessed 3 or 4 small metal spheres hovering above the base. Perhaps these were related or perhaps they were balloons. But he seemed to think he had seen something noteworthy. Also remember that a military willing to lie for 50 years about something that crashed would certainly be willing to come up with another cover under scrutiny from the senate in 1997. Why trust the new words of a group you know has been lying to you?

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 09:07 AM
I too have been researching and following this Roswell account for almost 30 years now. There are more twists, turns, and direction changes in this story (some from 1st hand witnesses) than a mountain road. This is unfortunate. However, my personal theory is it unfolded in this manner:

- Mac Brazel read in a local newspaper (or friends of his) of a reward out for pieces of a flying disk. These flying disks were the talk of the time following the original sighting over Mount Rainier by pilot Kenneth Arnold.
- Mac Brazel, hearing this, conveys the story of the odd debris he discovered on the ranch he was working in July 1947
- Mac goes out and collects some of the debris, and brings it into Roswell to report a downed flying disk, looking for the reward. Now, this does NOT prove they were parts of a disk at all, only that it was claimed to be by Brazel.
- The RAAF base's Walter Haut is brought in to the case, along with Maj Jesse Marcel, to investigate.
- The two confirm that debris did indeed exist on the ranch as claimed. They (also hearing the exciting flying disk story) ASSUME that these are indeed pieces of a flying disk. As the military work in a compartmentalized fashion, they were not in a need-to-know position on Project Mogul. Since the Mogul balloon trains were not the typical weather balloons they were trained to spot and were familiar with (much larger balloon trains, advanced "electronics" packages, etc...) on a daily basis. So to them it was clearly NOT a weather balloon.....adding credence to the Brazel claim of it being a flying disk.
- Marcel, on his way back from the site late-night/early-morning brings some of the debris home, and shows it to his family. He claims it is the remains of a crashed flying disk, and is alien in origin (who of us would not do the same given the circumstances). Jesse Jr handles the pieces, and keeps a small I-beam (which is later taken back by his father and the family sworn to secrecy).
- Haut reports back to base, and informs his superior, Col Blanchard (who has been "read into" the Project Mogul info). Haut enforces the idea this is a crashed flying disk, and presents a press report to Blanchard. Blanchard agrees to go with the release, knowing it will be a good cover story for the existence of Project Mogul.
- The press release goes public, and spreads further than expected by Blanchard. TPTB in D.C. hear of the story, and order the debris to be sent to Wright Field for thorough investigation. Blanchard and the others are now committed to the story of a crashed flying disk. Any retraction by them at this point would be career suicide.
- The debris is sent to Gen Ramey's office, where it is confirmed as Mogul debris, but, the cover story of a flying disk is too hot and publicly arousing than needed. So, it is called a simple weather balloon (which is the 2nd cover story, and clearly untrue given that Haut and Marcel would have known that). Marcel is now the lone fall-guy for this story since he is an honest person, and Haut tows the military line and completely retracts his involvement, leaving Marcel standing alone.
- This haunts Marcell for over 30 years, and, before he dies he wants to go public and this is where Stanton Friedman enters the picture. After this, and seeing folks involved making $$, the "first-hand witnesses" come out of the woodwork.
- As more stories are released, the media being the media, wants more and more exciting stories to perpetuate the sales of the books, videos, movies, etc... So, the stories become more outrageous, more sites are "discovered"m none of which can be actually confirmed with physical evidence, since it has been decades. Think about your home town, and how it looked 30+ years it all the exact same, or has it changed numerous times in numerous is not the same anymore.

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 10:25 AM
The use of crash dummies by the air force did not happen until 1949,The first crash test dummy was the Sierra Sam created in 1949. This 95th percentile adult male crash test dummy was developed by Sierra Engineering Co. under a contract with the United States Air Force, to be used for evaluation of aircraft ejection seats on rocket sled tests." - Source FTSS. That was two years after Roswell So you have to wonder why they would state that the suppose bodies were dummies why would they attach a dummy to a mogul balloon if it was just a listening device.

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