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Sadness and apathy do not cause change. Anger and passion do.

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posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 02:04 AM
Have you ever heard of someone that's been so "sad" about their circumstances, they decide to throw a brick through a window, slash someones tires, or punch someone? How about start a revolution?

I haven't.

These acts I mention are often acts that I've heard done more in circumstances where someone is full out pissed off, or passionate about controlling their circumstances...such as catching a partner cheating on them, a huge argument that only escalates in tensions, when protective instincts kick in, or when oppression just gets to be too much. These things often result in people doing damage, people taking control of the situation in the way their rage filled mind deems fit in that moment. Sometimes it's an uncontrolled rage, other times it's an organized effort. Either way, people in this state of mind ACT.

Unfortunately, I would say the average citizen of the United States has more of a sad or apathetic set of mind. We are the people that stay in the same crappy relationship because we are still secure in it, even if we are not appreciated and encouraged to be what can be. Year after year, citizens are demeaned in one way or another and we are the victim of a form of abuse, but so used to it, so expectant of it, that we do not rise - we do not fight back.

I do not encourage riots,
I do not encourage violence.
I DO encourage anger
(or at least a form of it.)

Whether it's rage, anger, aggressiveness, or passion - These are the state of mind that bring about change. These are the emotions that can give us the willpower and determination to change our circumstances. These are NOT the emotions that the elites are bound to cause. All compliment-avoiding aside, these are very smart people.

Imagine Obama exactly as he is today doing the same things, but 20 years ago. He would either have never gotten into office, or would have been impeached very fast if he did. This oppression we are facing is quite drawn out, a long process in which no one can point out things drastically changing.

I can still go out and do pretty much what I'd like. I can go fishing, I can get myself a gun and go hunting, I can afford to do these things even on minimum wage, and if I couldn't? Good o'l fed would help me out. My point is people aren't seeing drastic changes, they read about "conspiracies" on the web, or hear something from a friend, but how many of us experience the worst atrocities first hand? I'd say not many.

Anyways, I apologize if my post lacks organization or clarity but basically my point is America feels almost the same, if you think about how it was last year, if you think about the year before that... while the biggest changes and controls are put in a step at a time, so we don't react in extreme ways.

Anyways, just my post-midnight thought process.


posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 02:33 AM
I think repetitive protesting until people are like wow im really sick of these protestors lets do things that make em happy is the way to go...... just a theory
Passion is ok, anger is the gateway to getting shot.

posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by joeym1991

Our forefathers are shaking their heads. >.<

Not just to spite you, but I can't agree with you in any way whatsoever. Also, I mentioned that I do not encourage a raged, violent filled assault or anything. I encourage an aggressive passion that causes people to do what they have to, and stop sitting back holding signs, or simply posting. ( Of course I'm guilty of this )


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