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Nothing To See Here...Move Along

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 02:38 PM
With much of the nation captivated by news of the Zimmerman verdict and trial. Behind the curtain of reality lies issues that have profound affect on every Americans life. These issues seem to have disappeared all together in the media frenzy surrounding the unfortunate death of a young man.

This however cannot take away from the importance of what is being done to us all, not just certain individuals, everyone, right under our noses. You see, when the government creates laws like this one, or secretively organizes deals behind the scenes with other potential trade countries, giving more power over to transnational corporations, without any input from the people it will affect is insidious.

But, as government sourced information begins to leak it's way into the homes of everyday Americans, and the propaganda arm of uncle Sam mesmerizes the audience, important news and information may slowly begin to disappear.

Libya, Egypt, Syria, along with many scandals, has pushed to the forefront topics that will overshadow the true existence of our well being and health as a nation. Issues such as Benhgazi and the ever growing list of people killed by weapons that were involved in shadow ops, has become cancerous.

As long as we continue to believe we are not equal, the more "they" will push the narrative. And as long as we believe we are indifferent the status quo will remain the same. Because behind the scenes everyone is already equal, we are all spied on, watched, and just as susceptible to government wrong doing.

We are all equally being snooped on digitally. We are all equally being oppressed digitally, because in cyber space we have "no right's." Everything that is happening under the table and in secret affects us all. You see, the longer we believe "they" care about us, the more we believe "they" do. It's cynical, and sadly it true.

Well I'm gonna end this. Hopefully this will open some eyes too what extent we are all truly being oppressed. As the news churns in, and the division is being manifested. Remember, under the radar the same individuals who are ranting and raving about how things are unequal, are behind the scenes working to erode our freedoms.


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