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Out with conspiracies, IN with change

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 11:50 AM
I have to get this out to the people it should concern the most - you AtS members. I remember 'once upon a time', that Ats was a site of equality, intelligence, moral decency, and a place for individuals to bring light into the real conspiracies within this world that are a true violation to our human rights..

Ats is not.. "ATS" anymore, its now (and has been for a couple years at least) a place for people to retreat from their lives, retreat from the outside world, and argue day in and day out about who is right, and debate about this or that. Meanwhile there is constantly a TON of bashing going on between members within thet forums, a lot of cut ups regarding other individuals beliefs or opinions..

When I first came to this site 6 or 7 years ago, it was a great place filled with knowledge, great research, A-grade thread construction and distribution.. Now its becoming the "Hollywood" of conspiracies - and that is not a good thing. Threads are copying others, peopel lack using the search engine, or feel they "Have" to re-introduce a heavily talked about subject, and the thread construction I see on a collective scale here is C-grade at best

Regarding this place being 'Hollywood' for the "conspiracy theorists" (I've always hated that label) - one Snowden thread = 100 flags/300+ responses.. One zimmerman thread = 100+flags/500+ responses. .

This is showing that the community here is so caught up in the drama, so easily caught up in the retreatment of the outside WORLD where all this crap is taking place. What is so smart and worth your everyday life to come to an electronic community, and debate about stupid topics the media is over hyping FOR A REASON?

Doesnt seem so smart to me at all - I havent given a *Snip* about Zimmerman or Snowden when the media first started talking about either of it. I didnt even know what this Zimmerman case was until about 5 days ago reading one of the zimmerman threads!

These topics do not really DO anything for ANY of US individually or collectivly - but we come here like internal slaves, to retreat from the external slavery and repititions. For what? To argue? To say "I'm right" like a child? To fight, bicker, opinionate, discriminate, collect imaginery flags and stars? To see who argrees with us because life outside the INTERNAL-NET (understand what that means, and the true purpose for the internet..) no one cares about the conspiracies or truths we know of?

It sounds like playground for children to come and escape whats going on "out there" - to come "in here (Internal net/ your mind) and feel satisfaction about ourselves in some mundane way.

Does anyone see ther seriousness in what Im talking about? And how this website is nothing like it use to be. We are the "conspiracy theorists" who know the truth to whats going on in the outside world - but distinguishing your mind and the outside reality as different is the first step to retreating to one or the other.

The world outside of this computer needs people like US to make a difference. We dont have voices so we come here and type our ideas and opinions on different subjects regarding the society that slaves our humanity another day.
There people out there with the same informatin as you, actually MAKING a difference with that knowledge. But the more people locked inthe internal net, silencing their voices, and preventing their knowledge from changing anything each person wants to see CHANGED.

Understanding the problem with what Im getting at should be easy. We need to stop wasting our time being hypnotic sheep jumping on anything with "Zimm" or "Snow" in its name, or being spoon fed what ever Obama says - Go OUT and make the difference with the knwledge y ou GAIN here. Isnt that the Soul-Purpose for sites like this anyways?

Give you the scoop, then go out and make the change that the collective wants. Humanity does not belong to computers or INTERNAL NETS, it doesnt belong to a government or nation, it doesnt belong to anything but nature. You are a natural body and mind - but what are you doing with your life that is really making a difference?

Which brings me to my last point - I think most people on these forums are truly afriad of the outside world, in terms of making change, going out in the community and using their VOICE and WILL to do what is neccessary.

What do you get back by coming here every day or week? What do you give out from it? That is what makes a difference. I started this "Rant" or thread because of all the zimmerman/snowden and such threads that peopel are jumping on like ants. Giving SO MUCH ATTENTION and time from your lives to focus and debate about something so stupid.

Seriously who gives a *snip*? Things happen, people die, people kill, nature kills, peopel are born again. Focusin on ONE thing so much, leaves all the back doors wide open for the controllers to sneak things behind your backs. That is the entire point of the INTERNAL-NET and media working together. To OCCUPY your mind and therefore your WILL to do anything about it.

Its easy to retreat from a reality you hate so much because its the same *Snip* different day. Its HARD to put your fears behind you, stand up together, and make a change. It takes heart, mind and will to do that. It takes a lazy butt to sit at a computer and argue/debate or read useless information that really does no good.

You want the conspiracies to stop? Sure you do, why elsee would you be here? Well take your scoop of goodies and go out and change something. USe your VOICE, use your BODY, use your WORDS, use oyur HEART and MIND, and WILL - only THAT will change anything.

After the past couple days Im finding this site isnt for me - but this message is for everyone reading it. If we want mankind to live long and prosper - we are going to ALL have to pitch in with change. Sitting down being lazy while the Earth rotates and the Star moves throughout the galaxy another "Day" - is the polar opposite of what this living SPECIES needs.

With that said; this will be my last post on this site. I hope to see more people wake up form their emotionless, and will-LESS states of being - and ENGAGE in something BIGGER then themselves. The very fact is, we are all trapped in this matrix by the controllers - but the opposite fact applies - we are the ones who really put ourselves here by not making a stand, we are the ones who have to DO SOMETHING to get out

Thank you Ats, my time here has been great. But the World is moving on, and its not slowing down for any conspiracy, species, controller or anything. Its alraedy auto-piloting into a pit of Hell - it needs our help.

posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 11:53 AM
Is it that time of year already again?

posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by covertpanther


Anyway, with that being said you could have contributed something constructive. Instead you authored a 1000 + word hypocritical complaint.

You said you're tired of people criticizing and attacking each other but most of your thread consisted of attacks on other members.
Not direct attacks but you criticize how people post and what topics they select.

Look in the mirror bud what you see could be part of the problem.

posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 01:08 PM
Hey, I just came here for the alien's man.

The rest is simply distractions until the next sweet grainy youtube video comes out.

Actually kinda serious about that. Is the Snowden stuff interesting? sure..but its very mainstream. I basically don't debate finer points of stuff on a conspiracy board that is also being debated on CNN...might as well just go over to the cnn website and discuss there sort of thing.

Zimm, also mainstream stuff, and Obama's latest gaffe, etc.

The trial ended days ago about Zimm, yet the online mainstream community is still debating it.
That's fine I guess.
But its hardly revealing any new and hidden stuff that qualifies for a conspiracy theory.

Anyhow, I tend to ignore most headline news (not perfectly...slow day, I may jump in on one), but the thing I seek is the occasional gem that is tossed out here made of awesome.

I should get a new hobby perhaps.

As far as going out and making the change...erm...again, if my interests here primarily are in the whole alien stuff, I don't think making a sign and flashing it to the heavens demanding they pop on down (and take me away from this weird planet) will be very fruitful...besides, its an academic curiosity moreso than some life or death requirement of knowledge.

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