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Living On Borrowed Time

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 02:37 AM

Living On Borrowed Time
By Soul

I decided to place this in conspiracies because I believe the concept of time is based on the desire of certain societies to control the masses.

I feel the time I have spent on this planet has been a unique experience. I have been the sponge of knowledge that I am suppose to be; positive and negative circumstances entwined in a conundrum of mixed results.

All we can hope for is to leave this place in a better way than we arrived; I feel I will have achieved that goal when the time comes for my soul to ascend to it’s next destination.

Borrowed time is all we have; we do not own time. It is not something we can control; it is a difficult concept to understand for most.

On this planet we are consumed by time with 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year and culminates in an average life span of 78 years.

If you believe as I do, that we are reincarnated, 78 years is not a great big deal of time in the life of a soul; yet being controlled by this imaginary concept is paramount in our society.

We are always running out of time, waiting on time, expected on time, punching a time clock, watching the time, setting alarms, measuring the time, time is of the essence, wasting our time, setting the time, clocking the time, spending time doing time waiting in line for a long time.

As humans, it is our time to go when the time comes and we will never know what time that is because time is not ours to control; as souls we have the ability to know if we pay attention.

One of the reasons we have this situation involving time is because mankind needed a conceptual way to organize their planting. The only way to do this was to measure time based on the heavens above and tracking star patterns; it evolved to the current state of time through many centuries.

In the life a soul, however, there is no such determining factor as time; past present and future exist as one entity, therefore no time to keep track of.

Multiple dimensions without time is not an idea readily accepted by most. Generally, this is considered a fantasy and a wild concoction of science fiction; the rulers on this planet that control the masses would not want you to know anything other than time as it exist here.

Why is that? The obvious reason is that they believe the masses could not handle the life they live without being in fear; that if you knew there was more to the life of a soul than just this existence, that lawlessness and chaos would ensue.

How is that working? Not very well, seems there is an abundance of religious people that have had no trouble living in “SIN”. So, does this reasoning seem valid? I am not attacking religion; just pointing out one of the many things wrong with the concept of time.

I have experienced many different situations in this life time that have had the impact on me in my human condition and the concept of time; I have been forced to observe many rituals based on time.

As a soul, I resist the concept of time because inherently I have a greater sense of being, independent of time.

As humans we are tied to are past, living in our present and looking towards the future, all the while tied to a clock and forced to follow time.

Time to go to work, time to go to school, time to get married, time to have a kid, time to get divorced, time to die….time, time, time, time, time.

Running out of time, because as humans we are living on borrowed time.

Interestingly enough the soul has an idea before it happens when it is time to go; ascending to it’s next destination. Humans do not have this ability; only the soul knows because it does not have a concept of time.

When my human condition allows my soul to communicate to it, the information flows freely and I receive the information in my human state; however, since past present and future exist in a different dimension without the concept of time my soul gets this information independently first.

I do my best to listen when my higher power gives me information; I am still living in a human condition bound to others and their concept of time.

I make decisions that I feel are necessary for the evolutionary process of my soul without regard for the consequences of the circumstances I am going to deal with; many times I already have the information beforehand.

Even knowing how something will turn out, positive or negative, there is always a lesson to learn and an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to impact others; expectations of others behavior is not allowed, rather the hope will be that they gain something from the experience as well. This is not the case often times for obvious reasons; all souls do not have the same knowledge and human conditions are allowed to manipulate more freely.

This is not to say that my human condition doesn’t control me from time to time, it does, just that I spend a greater amount of energy on not allowing it to control my soul than the other way around.

We as souls all have the ability to understand what I am saying; as humans we are forced to live on borrowed time.

posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 02:47 AM

In the life a soul, however, there is no such determining factor as time; past present and future exist as one entity, therefore no time to keep track of.
reply to post by soulpowertothendegree

Not true at all. If time were taken out of the picture we would have only now. We would have to know all that we're ever going to know in the never-ending now. Be it a pre-life, present life, or afterlife, we would know all of it now. No matter what you call this separation of lives, it's still called time.

posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 06:27 AM
my grandma used to say , "tea time" because it was a special occasion to drink tea. but where is she now? i saw her ghost-like impression once, is she still in that other realm of time, or has she been reborn into this world. I would venture that things like time still exist in the after-life. Its like a pure property of the universe. without time you would have absolutely nothing.

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