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Planetary spiritual growth. How would you do it?

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posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 12:21 PM
O.K. Here is the deal. Your body on earth has died and you get to heaven and you now can manifest into physical or spiritual form. You have graduated and your reward is a rock of your own where you must create a system in which other spirits have a chance to grow.

The physical boundaries are set and here are some of the rules. In order for a spirit to grow it takes trust faith and Love. The best growth comes from the bounds one takes toward these goals. ie a very hateful spirit finds love and changes his life to love and has the faith to keep that love. Another way is self sacrifice to save others. Really any leap of faith in service to others can help one grow.

You can even through in some powers to those that seek out that sort to help along the process. But you will need to find a cleaver way to hide them from everyone until one finds them. You may wanna create some type of serious pleasure that is not likely to be resisted and amp up the feeling one gets from this. That should keep things hidden from the lower frequency type.

That is just some of the base but you get the point. Now this is your planet and you want all involved to grow to reach their own potential and direct intervention from you would take away their source of growth because if they knew the truth then the faith would no longer exist because there would be no more choice.

So What method would you use to teach your planet and grow. Remember that once the cat is out of the bag the whole growth process slows down and your people will have to spend several lifetimes learning what they could have learned in one life. Once peace is achieved on your planet all growth stops and those lacking will have to be dealt with. What are your best ideas on how to raise a planet. The goal is growth through faith hope and love and when you are done with your planet they get their own rock and this way the love is spread through the universe.

posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 02:26 PM
no takers on yer thread yet? understandable, as this concept, as presented is a pretty big one to take on!
and you've got a whole smorgasbord of beliefs mixed together here.

as it turns out, the universe is predatorial

and we can take our own rock here as an example, as we live our lives we are presented with challenges which, depending on one's behavior, can make or break an individual. as it is though, those challenges will keep coming and at some point it seems the negative forces seem to get the upper hand.
not because they are more powerful but probably 'cause they learn to cheat, and one who is commited to a life of love and caring at some point may be left with nothing.
so the answer as to what makes a soul develop, it's definitly not love, however love must develope from challenges being succesfully met, and a certain type of detachment is needed to keep from losing it.
... this stuff is hard to talk about!
and i don't mean to pick at your op, but i feel that faith, trust and hope are all forms of indulging, specifically indulging in ignorance, and are not at all the way to become a planetary god.

i'm stealing a lot of these ideas from 'toltec' ideology (thune mares/ carlos castenada) . read their works? it's relevant.

posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 02:48 PM
It is scattered info but the main point of the op should be that the growth will only come through a leap of faith that an unseen force is existing around you and serving others is the way to grow. Sort like a blind trust fall. You have to create a thought pattern that reflects the needs of the spirit without letting your existance and the existence of other worlds be known. You would need your people to have a certain set of knowledge and all other knowledge would serve against your plan and the future of your people because a confederation council of planets will wipe out your world if the spirit is no longer served and too much evil or too much knowledge occurs.

You would love your people and want them to grow and enjoy life but at the same time you have a power structure to answer to and a quota to fill. I might just find the best thought patterns and introduce them in different lands and then come back a couple thousand years later and choose the one that is most powerful and loving at the same time. I have never read any books on the subject except the bible.

posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 03:01 PM
you might want to read this stuff then...
Thune Mares - Return of the Warriors, Cry of the Eagle, Mists of Dragon Lore, Shadows of Wolf Fire

it really expounds on the topic you have proposed, it promotes a high level of personal responsibility (impeccability) needed to reach the level of freedom to leave this planet and uhh, it doesn't really slam christianity.
in fact, he claims the toltecs are in leauge with melchizedek, somethin' that scares me, but what do i know?

posted on Jun, 25 2013 @ 05:55 AM
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