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Madness in its sweetest form- The suppressed human mind- By MyKE K

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posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 10:43 PM

The issue becomes how we blend the unavoidable darkness of our minds into our everyday lives. Society expects us to fit into certain predetermined molds that have been developed over centuries of day in and day out life of many people. You see, when too much of a person’s inner mind begins to show it has an effect on the people around them thereby having a effect on society as a whole, albeit a small one.

When we look at social classes we see the suppression of our deeper darker brains more clearly. The lower class are almost expected to be hard working yet depraved and have a more flexible moral code when it comes to making ends meet, the middle class seem to be always wanting to attain more that could be the base urge to gather more gods that are better for you and make your life easier, the upper class seem o have it all, sometimes they came up through the class system other times they were born into it. The bottom line is that in every perceived social class in every person there is the part of the brain that is shut off and blocked off from our concise mind. It is no more prevalent in any class than the other. A working class family making ends meet by means that they wouldn’t usually consider is no different form an upper class person doing some morally reprehensible act for their own personal gain. It is our mind and the conditions we are in? The darkness that reside in the back of all of our minds with some people anyways seems to be waiting for a trigger to erupt and make its self known.

When we take a look at crime for example, we see the darkness of the human mind coming out in many ways. Be it the seemingly innocent stealing of a chocolate bar by a child who may or may not know better but even as children we have a sense of what is right or wrong. Or look at someone who steals a car or a painting it is the same thing on a different level. Murder, rape, torture and other sorts of really horrible crimes come from a very bad place of the mind. That however brings up the question of whether the person learned that behavior from somewhere or it was in them from the beginning.

For someone who steals a loaf of bread and some eggs to feed their family, they aren’t stealing form a place of depravity but of necessity, unless the behavior becomes habitual. Compromise is a slippery slope it may seem hard to see how one could move from stealing bread to feed their family to stealing a car or jewelry. Is it our sense of right and wrong being dulled, us becoming numb to the reality that we are doing things that we wouldn’t dream of doing and doing them without compunction, or, is it the darkness in our minds and personalities that leads us to do these things that we would never do, the primal desires the base urges that go against what we are taught and what society tells us is right and how we should live our lives.

If someone murders someone it is a serious crime right? Society says it is, most people say and believe that it is. Some people however will commit this act with little or no remorse. Why is that? Is it the inner darkness of our minds protruding upon our conciseness? Or was it form a place of necessity, life or death situations bring up a interesting point. When someone is in a life or death situation what goes through their mind? How can we know? The bottom line is we can’t know for sure until we are in a situation like that. However, the inner darkness of mans mind, the underlying factors that could bring out behaviors learned or not are innumerable.

On a completely different level we have religious beliefs and the whole set of morals and rights and wrongs that come with that which can compare to society but can also contrast sharply with social norms. Religion teaches us what is right and wrong based on that religions particular text and teachings. These are often in common with societies views in regards to right and wrong. When we look at the news and see that religious leaders doing horrible things, why when they are supposed to be closer to God and living a lifestyle that is quote un quote purer than others, a lifestyle other followers can aspire to. What causes these people who are looked up to in their community to descend into a life of depravity and most of the time downright criminal behavior? The mind and what it is capable of, the parts of our minds we suppress, the darker depths of our minds that range far and wide from the social norms, what is viewed as acceptable in and out of our homes and circles of people we associate with on a daily basis.

Religious zeal which drives people to do things in the name of God that most people wouldn’t do under any circumstances has to be questioned, is it blind following is it religious belief or is it the dark side of our minds able to come out under the guise of religious beliefs? We can’t delve deeply into a zealots mind because when anyone is explaining things that they believe whether they are informed or not it is I believe it because I believe it, few people have the ability to articulately describe what they mean.

The argument can also be made that the darkness of our minds is not on a mental level but it is created by the chemical composition of our brains. A seemingly normal functioning person that has a healthy family and social life can out of nowhere snap and do horrible things. Why? Could it be the chemical composition of the brain that brings out the perceived darkness of our minds? One small environmental change or one foreign substance that is introduced to the body can elicit a reaction in someone that they would under normal circumstances not consider as a possible course of action. Drugs legal or illegal change the way that we think and see the world, they also alter our brain and body on a physical level. So is the inner darkness of our mind being suppressed by our sense of right and wrong or is it being driven by a series of physical factors that contribute to the development of our minds and therefore our behaviors?

When we take a look at dreams everything is open to interpretation. Psychology from its infancy has tried to explain and assign a meaning to dreams. Why do we dream? Is it the dark side of our minds and personalities that we don’t show to the people around us having the ability to manifest in a way that they cant cause harm to us or others. But how does that explain when you are out of breath and scared in a dream and you wake up out of breath and scared. Is there a physical connection to dreams? Is the concise mind still in control when we are un concise? IS dreaming what separates us from the darker areas of our minds; do they protect us from ourselves?

posted on Jun, 18 2013 @ 10:44 PM
Dreams can also be looked at from a separate perspective. Are dreams the manifestation of what our lives could have been or may be or are they a projection of what our lives would be like in an alternate reality? But that leads back to the parts of our mind that we willingly suppress are projecting onto our un concise minds what it wants to do, or what we really what to be doing but cant based on what we believe to be right and what we have been taught that is right.

In conclusion we are still left with the question of whether when we look into our minds, a time of serious introspection, picking apart our beliefs and we find a dark corner filled with things that we know are wrong but seem ok to us on a base level even when the rest of our minds says it is wrong or against what we were taught. When we take a moment to think and reflect on what such thoughts, what do they mean? Is it what we could become? Is it what we will at some time be? Or is it just what it seems on the surface it is what we would be if we were left to our own devices.

Insane rambling s by a friend, MyKE K

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:34 AM

Could it be the chemical composition of the brain that brings out the perceived darkness of our minds? One small environmental change or one foreign substance that is introduced to the body can elicit a reaction in someone that they would under normal circumstances not consider as a possible course of action.

What about the unseen influences of the spiritual world ? Some nasty things are happening down there and can wreak emotional havoc in some instances. I do not wish to elaborate more on it as this is not the main point of the topic, but from what you said and my personal experience, I see a direct link between the two, just saying.


posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by Y3K89

Shake it off. There are a number of ways to keep from being consumed by imaginary fears and loathings. One of the easiest is to stop dwelling on them and focus on something else. Most people are not exposed to evil deliberately anyway and so their imagination will not bring up things they have not yet seen or heard of, sometimes things are forced on children by brutal parents "in their best interest" or to toughen them up and prepare them for the natural world. Sometimes children don't recall what was done to them but it comes out in the subconscious and affects their imagination, bringing the darkness back out in later years. You are what you are exposed to and what you were taught. You can't make up what you have never seen or learned.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 09:53 AM
What exactly IS your point?

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by thruthseek3r

-From MyKe K --

In response to a comment about unseen influences of the spiritual world I also agree that there is a link between spiritual influence and the darker parts of one’s personality showing up in daily life. If someone is exposed to unseen influences of the spiritual world the mind has to try to understand something that it wasn't programmed to process. In an environment of emotional or physical oppression by a force that isn’t readily identified the mind has to try to process many things, this leads to the question when the concise mind can no longer process what is being presented to it what does the un concise mind do? Enter the suppressed portions of the mind and the personality. The darker side of the mind may seem to come to the aid of the concise mind that usually suppresses it, often form what I have been told by people who have first hand influences with these types of things is that that part of the mind is just as vulnerable as the concise mind.

That being said, there is no doubt that there are spiritual forces at work around us. It is evident in anyone that can tell a story of feeling something that they couldn't see but knew it was there and it was focusing on them. This also brings up the question of how active is the concise minds imagination can it in certain cases be creating these events and feelings. Could it be the darker side of the mind looking for a way to project its self onto the concise mind, from that we can ask do we have two separate conciseness’s? Are they playing against one another in a battle for the dominance of our personalities? When there are unseen influences at work it is a possibility that the un concise mind sees that as a chance to make its self known and cause the person to perpetrate acts that they would normally not do then once the concise mind or the persons normal personality takes over again and says it was an excuse that the unseen force oppressed them and made them do it?

Having spoken to people who have had experiences with unseen forces, some evil some friendly they all seem to report initial fear then a slight understanding of what it happening. Were they making it up? Was it real? Nobody except the person who has experienced it can say for sure. Could mental illness play a part in the perception of unseen forces that may oppress us? Not mental illness in a severe form but a form which goes unnoticed until such things are experienced and reported. That again brings up the question is the dark side of our mind projecting a reality onto our concise mind that will lead to it moving aside to allow it to become the main controlling portion of our personality. If only for a while.

It is possible that religion has an influence in the experience of spiritual happenings. Are people who report that they had a spiritual awakening be it from the attendance of church or a spiritual awakening of a more personal fashion under the influence of the same types of unseen powers, is spirituality a guise for the mind to help shield its self from its darker side. Does religion and in general a higher sense of spiritual awareness give us a set of rules to live by that help to make the darker side of the mind stay locked away? Or can our spiritual beliefs help prepare this darker side of ourselves for its debut so when the time comes that our regular minds give way to the unused portions of our mind in its slightly more raw form so that we aren’t completely without a filter for what is right or wrong?
Who can really know, the mind is a very complicated thing.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by Y3K89

Every thought comes from either a focus on "Presence" or "Absence".

Thoughts of Lack may say things like this:

"I can't", "I don't have", "I shouldn't", "Things shouldn't be this way, but only how I want them to be", etc.

Thoughts of Presence may say things like this:

"I can", "I have", "I appreciate", "It is what it is", etc.

Focusing on what CAN be done rather than what CAN'T, and focus on what is HERE rather than what you long for but isn't here... will cause life to be much more enjoyable, and when a person feels that joy their perspective and therefore actions will change as well.

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