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Cleopatra at the river

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posted on Jun, 17 2013 @ 01:53 PM

Oil on canvas.

Decorated with 24 k leaf.

The oil isn't dry yet.

source: my paintings

I posted this way in order to abide with the T&C.

This is the only real picture of the queen Cleopatra.

Washing herself in the river.

A picture of the past to be seen in the future.

2000 years ago at the river,I met a beautiful creature,a queen.

and she told me,

"at the water we see each other."

She was dressed in gold

a pot of gold she hold

with her naked feet in the water

she just look at me with asking eyes

like the beautiful sky

making my dreams to fly

And I told her,

"I will meet you at the water."

And she answered me,

"at the water we see each other...."

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